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We are looking for motivated volunteers to provide 1:1 supervision on our vacation trips!

Next dates: 08th - 14th August 2022  as well as  15th - 21st August 2022

Every year we go to the beautiful Kinderbauerngut in Langenstriegis, Mittelsachsen (see link below). This is the ideal place to offer our clients a relaxing vacation and their families a nice relief. We offer a colorful program on site with various volunteer vacation activities.

To ensure our clientele a nice vacation, we are looking for volunteers for 1:1 care. Waiting for you, besides a lot of fun, are some unique exciting experiences, insights into the very diverse autism spectrum, lots of nice people, professional development and a certificate of participation. Each vacation trip is led by 2 full-time staff of the Autism Center. Contact us personally to learn even more about us and our vacation trip 

About us: When we are not in Langenstriegis on a vacation trip, we accompany people from the entire autism spectrum in the form of 1:1 support and networking (see "More about the organization"), regardless of age and life situation. We perceive people on the autism spectrum as individual personalities with strengths and weaknesses. They're supported by us on their way to independent, self-reliant action in professional, school, personal, and public life. Since 2018 we are part of the BBW Leipzig Group and the Youth and Educational Support Association. 


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