Are you a local, newcomer, or a traveler? TeachSurfing gives you a unique opportunity to share your knowledge and culture with local communities. Whatever your expertise - languages, web design, sports, or human rights - we connect you with schools and nonprofit organizations where you can share your expertise via workshops and talks. We also support you in preparing and executing your TeachSurfing workshops. Expand your local network while gaining unique experiences. Become a TeachSurfer today! www.teachsurfing.org

About TeachSurfing

Target group(s)

TeachSurfer: Volunteer Educators who want to share their knowledge with different communities worldwide.
Host Organsiations: NGOs or non-profits who want to bring value to their community through educational offers and workshops.

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A lack of cultural tolerance and access to cutting-edge knowledge are raising challenges in societies worldwide. TeachSurfing co-founders Migan & Gretta are originally from Armenia & Romania. They both studied software engineering and are currently living & working in Germany. When visiting back home, they wanted to share their professional knowledge to inspire youth in their home countries. But there was a lack of a direct and flexible way to contact with schools and NGOs who are interested to learn from their expertise. During One Young World 2012 summit, Migan & Gretta met many like-minded people from all around the world and were inspired to build a world-wide network of passionate people who want to share knowledge and experiences... This is how the TeachSurfing idea was born.

Your support helps

With your participation you support an edtech platform with the social mission to enable people to share their knowledge and culture with local communities. Our vision is to enrich education and overcome cultural barriers through knowledge sharing.

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