Hope Foundation e.V.

The Hope Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Cameroon and Germany. Since 2001 we have been dedicated to children and women in Cameroon. We are particularly active in the areas of development cooperation, health and education. Due to the close contact with the Cameroonian population, we are in constant exchange about problems and solutions.

In Germany, we organize information and charity events as well as an education project on "global learning".  

More information about our diverse projects can be found at: http://www.hope-found.org/en



About Hope Foundation e.V.

Target group(s)

The main target groups that we reach through our projects are especially women and children in Cameroon, but also sports clubs and entire communities.

Furthermore, students in Germany are also our target group. We aim to sensitize them both in primary and secondary schools to enchance global relationships and offer a change of perspective.

Founding year

Seit 2009 sind wir in Deutschland offiziell als Verein eingetragen und in Kamerun offiziell schon seit 2007.

Paid staff





We are funded by donations and public subsidies.


Our motivation to improve the standard of living in Cameroon constantly drives us to work for this goal. We believe that education, empowerment, promotion and participation are the main components of a world worth living. 

Your support helps

to protect children and women from violence, abuse and disease. Your cooperation enables communities in Cameroon to develop themselves by offering education, health-care opportunities and creating awareness of the impact of their own actions and of the global connections they have.

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Hope Foundation e.V.

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