Brot.Lose.Kunst e.V.

The association Brot.Lose.Kunst ('breadless art') was born from the idea and the need for more pub culture and a more colorful nightlife in Schwerin. After some failed attempts to find a suitable store space for our purposes, we decided to play different musical and other artistic formats at existing locations in and around Schwerin. So it remains surprising and experimental!


About Brot.Lose.Kunst e.V.

Founding year





Brot.Lose.Kunst e.V. is a registered non-profit association, which is financed by membership fees and donations.


But the core of "Brot.Lose.Kunst" always remains the same:

  • Bread

With Brot.Lose.Kunst, places are to be created in which people can come together in an informal, cozy atmosphere. With the benefit of music, literature or performance nobody is to remain thirsty. The drinks menu will be small but fine, with an emphasis on beer and wine from regional or sustainable suppliers, as well as a few selected drinks. Quality is important to us!

  • Lose

In loose intervals we offer a variety of cultural events mostly on a donation basis. With us is to be danced! In addition, play at irregular intervals DJs and musicians*Innen of different genres. 

  • Art

In addition to the music for which our heart beats, we have many other ideas for linking with art in various facets. So we let the rooms temporary always appear in a new form.

We want to offer a community that is open to all and invites to participate. We have the claim to be a place where even people with low incomes feel comfortable. We see Brot.Lose.Kunst as a space that can be many things: Kieztreff, living room, gallery, reading stage or concert space. The design of the space is a constant process of trying things out and experimenting.

Your support helps

We are a colorful bunch of about 20 people of different ages who all want to move something together in our beautiful city. If you can imagine joining us and getting involved in our association, then contact us at

Brot.Lose.Kunst e.V.