Unterkunft für geflüchtete Familien - Seehausener Straße

The Albatros gGmbH has a great interest in sustainable projects - also in the field of work with refugees. The community accommodation Seehausener Straße in Hohenschönhausen opened in January 2019 and represents the second stage after the initial accommodation. In a five-storey building complex for around 400 people, mainly families from different nations live together.

For the refugees, the move from initial accommodation to a shared accommodation represents a step towards more autonomy and more personal responsibility. The residents can prepare for their own and independent living and still receive support from the professional staff on site. In addition, the residents will be offered numerous and varied projects to promote togetherness and the integration of each individual into society.

About Unterkunft für geflüchtete Familien - Seehausener Straße

Target group(s)

Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Seehausener Str.: refugees, especially families, children and young people

AlbatrosgGmbH: Help for addicted, mentally impaired, disabled and handicapped people. Women and girls in need of help. Improvement of the living situation of older people. Qualification of job-seeking and unemployed people. Outpatient and inpatient youth and educational assistance. Migrants.

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In the shared accommodation we accompany the refugee residents on their way to a self-determined and responsible life and support them in finding their way in the new society.

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Unterkunft für geflüchtete Familien - Seehausener Straße