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GU Siverstorpstraße - Evangelisches Jugend-und Fürsorgewerk (EJF)

The Evangelische Jugend- und Fürsorgewerk (EJF) is a diaconal-social institution with over 120 institutions in Berlin, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Poland and the Czech Republic. A total of almost 15,000 people are permanently or temporarily cared for by more than 4,000 staff at the EFJ's facilities. The EJF gemeinnützige AG is headed by Dr. Andreas Eckhoff, Chairman of the Executive Board, and Norbert Schweers, Member of the Executive Board.

About GU Siverstorpstraße - Evangelisches Jugend-und Fürsorgewerk (EJF)

Target group(s)

The main fields of activity of the EFJ are child, youth and family welfare, assistance for the disabled and the elderly, as well as working with asylum seekers and refugees. In addition, the EFJ runs day-care centres for children, is involved in training and further education and operates leisure facilities and conference centres.

Founding year

Die Gemeinschaftsunterkunft wurde im Dezember 2006 eröffnet

Paid staff





The EFJ has the legal form of a public limited company. It is therefore subject to the German Stock Corporation Act and must comply with far-reaching legal requirements, such as the German Corporate Governance Code and the Act on Control and Transparency in the Corporate Sector.

The EFJ has signed the Declaration of Commitment for non-profit organizations of the "Initiative Transparent Civil Society" and publishes the required information on its homepage. The procurement and use of funds are documented in a transparent and comprehensible manner.

GU Siverstorpstraße - Evangelisches Jugend-und Fürsorgewerk (EJF)

Siverstorpstrasse 5-19
13125 Berlin