Floods in southern Germany: How you can help by donating and getting involved

Foodsharing Darmstadt e.V.

Foodsavers save food from the barrel and raise awareness of this waste problem among people through public relations  (events, workshops, lectures, etc.). Become a food saver too!

About Foodsharing Darmstadt e.V.

Target group(s)

Context and self-conception are based on Foodsharing e.V. As an association we are decidedly political, but do not belong to any political grouping or party. We clearly speak out against racism, discrimination, sexism and destructive practices. As a matter of principle, the religious or party-political background of our members in particular and of all people in general is not relevant to us, because our common ground and strength lies in the goal of fighting food waste and networking with projects worthy of support.


We finance ourselves through our own resources, donations and public grants.


Together we are committed to the fight against food waste. In doing so, We do not only save food from the bin by collecting it from businesses and "fair sharing" it. Rather, we have made it our mission to educate about waste and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. In the short term, we have to fight the symptoms - garbage cans full of good things - in the long term, we have to create a world that will still be there for all of us tomorrow. If we do not learn to deal responsibly with our consumption, we will soon have used up the world's resources and in the long term will have caused ecological damage that will deprive us humans of the basis for survival. To prevent this from happening, everyone is needed. Because everyone can contribute to a better world through their consumption behaviour. Together we are strong!

Your support helps

All important information on how you can help us in the fight against food waste in and around Darmstadt can be found on our website: Find out about the possibilities to participate. Find out where you can find the next Fairteiler. Or just keep yourself up to date about our activities.

Our volunteering opportunities on vostel.de

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Foodsharing Darmstadt e.V.