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Zeichen gegen Mobbing e. V.

With ?indication against Mobbing registered association? we want to offer as non-profit association a country wide network for it to improve the co-operation from tomorrow. For it we support concerning, schools and parents with Dealing with bullying.

About Zeichen gegen Mobbing e. V.

Target group(s)

We work together and as neutral third parties at eye level with students, teachers and parents. Our enormous advantage is that we have people aged 28 years or younger as direct contact persons for students.

Founding year


Paid staff





We are largely financed by donations and cover the costs of our current business by small contributions from the schools where we implement projects.


Our aim is to give more attention to the topic of "bullying" and to help those affected. Together we can ensure that soon every school in Germany will have the opportunity to strengthen the children of today for the togetherness of tomorrow.

Your support helps

... to give children a smile and strengthen them for a future in which we recognise the potential of a diverse society and make bullying a no-go.

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Zeichen gegen Mobbing e. V.

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