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Steps for Peace - Institut für Peacebuilding gGmbH is a non-profit institute that supports social and political transformation processes by civil actors.

We develop concepts for international, national and local organizations with the aim of identifying and optimizing peacebuilding and conflict-reducing contributions in their work.

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Steps for Peace works with courageous and creative individuals and organizations in conflict contexts to strengthen them in initiating and implementing transformation processes of violent conflicts.

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Civil society peace work by international, national and local actors includes violence prevention, crisis transformation and aftercare through constructive and non-violent means. Steps for Peace supports these civil society actors, since only in cooperation with them lasting changes can be shaped and secured. Through non-violent action they influence violent conflicts in order to transform them. In their environment they initiate and promote processes that strengthen the potential for peace.

Steps for Peace offers a forum for practitioners and theoreticians to promote systematic reflection and exchange of expertise in peace work. The focus is on the development of practice-relevant concepts and methods.

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