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Ausbildungscampus Stuttgart

Training campus:
An offer of the Stuttgarter Bildungscampus e. V.

Founding idea: When hundreds of thousands of refugees fled to Germany, the voluntaries founded self-organized groups of help. Institutions reacted
in the short term in order to supply the large number of people and to improve the integration process in Germany. In the following year the Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart invited to a common discussion to find solutions for the most pressing issues. Representatives of the economy (e.g. Robert Bosch GmbH, Daimler AG and Porsche AG), the administration (e.g. the city of Stuttgart, the Jobcenter and the Employment Agency) and civillian representatives decided to establish the training campus among other things in order to promote professional integration. Actors of all three areas are represented in the association and work towards this common goal.

Location: The training campus is located next to the main station in consultation with the city of Stuttgart. The campus is more than just a place for consulting. The consultation is complemented by an intensive, goal-oriented range of support services. In addition to other services there is the mentoring center, psychological counseling and a comprehensive vacation program during school vacations. Furthermore we offer free WLAN, computer workstations, tutoring and learning support in various subjects.

In addition companies also receive individual advice on the hiring of people with a migration background which is matched to their needs. If it's necessary it also can be continued after hiring.

Counseling: The counseling at the training campus is characterized by its individual, high-quality, process-oriented and sustainable nature. The employees work in a demand-oriented way, the clients may come as often as they like. The consultation is divided into four phases: orientation (analysis of competence and interests), decision (internships, training, work, etc.), application and support (overcoming language barriers, coping with intercultural/school difficulties by targeted tutoring or preventing drop-outs).

The base is the development of a trustful relationship so that the people seeking support feel open and become aware of their own resources.The counseling is supplemented by additional offers such as tutoring by the learning center.

About Ausbildungscampus Stuttgart

Target group(s)

Although the training campus is primarily a counseling center for young people with a migration background who are looking for training or employment, it is also a place for young people with a migration background who are looking for a job. Regardless of nationality, age, gender and residence status, what counts is the visitor's personal experience. However, the majority have a refugee background. In order to reach the target group the training campus maintains close contacts with various schools and institutions, invites classes and approaches people in refugee accommodation and offers tutoring on site.


In addition to needs and process orientation the work of the training campus aims to make use of the skills and talents regardless of educational background or origin. This applies to former clients who would like to work on the training campus on a voluntary basis or as interns as well as to Germans of all ages who would like to support the training campus in general, teach small groups or coach individuals. Within the horizontal structures people who are committed to civic engagement quickly practice participation and assume responsibility by carrying out their own project. Especially refugees who switch from seeking help to charge and work alongside German volunteers and full-time staff feel their effectiveness. So the work of the training campus would not be possible without the cooperation of the volunteers.

Ausbildungscampus Stuttgart

Jägerstraße 14
70174 Stuttgart