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3 fürs Klima

3 fürs Klima e.V. was founded in early 2020. The association aims the goal of climate neutrality. It shows that and how we can already live climate neutrally today. The already more than 50 members commit themselves accordingly to a climate-neutral life. 

The association was initiated by Dr. Michael Bilharz, who is responsible at the Federal Environment Agency for the CO2 calculator, which was accessed by almost one million people in 2019. Bilharz is also regularly consulted as an expert for climate-friendly consumption by various media. The eponym and the conceptual heart of the association is the "Triad for Climate": reducing your own footprint, compensating the rest and increasing your handprint, i.e. your impact on society. Because climate protection is not a private matter, but a community task. 

If all 3 individual basic strategies are brought together, climate protection can be achieved faster and better. New motivation for the commitment of the individual will be released: instead of frustration that today we are still far from a climate-friendly CO2 footprint of less than 1 tonne, the triad for climate will bring the central climate policy goal of "zero-emissions" into the present.

3 fürs Klima

Wilhelm-Müller-Str. 13
06844 Dessau