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Ozeankind e.V.

With the help of recycling and educational projects for children, we are working nationally and internationally to raise awareness in the use of disposable plastic and to combat the ever-increasing littering of nature with disposable plastic.

Environmental education for adults also takes place at Ozeankind® e.V. of course - although mostly in theory. For adults it is mainly about leaving the comfort zone, rethinking their own habits and creating awareness of the consequences.

About Ozeankind e.V.

Target group(s)

Our target group is everyone in the world who is aware of the global plastic waste problem, who have realised this problem and therefore become active instead of waiting for other people or institutions.

We work with children and young people, but also with adults of all ages who want to reduce and avoid plastic waste in their everyday lives.

Founding year


Paid staff





Our organisation is financed by private donations and membership fees. In addition, companies that think and work in a sustainable way can support us with a donation, a supporting membership or with an official cooperation. 

Ozeankind® e.V. reserves the right to check donations and other benefits for their origin and to return funds if necessary. Even though we are of course happy about every Euro, we cannot and do not want to use donations from companies, political parties or other institutions for our projects, if these funds come from activities that are not compatible with our values or that could negatively influence our integrity.

The companies whose funds we would return directly, regardless of the amount, include companies whose main business model is to package products in disposable plastic and then sell them, as well as companies in the fish and meat industry.

Of course, we generally do not accept donations from child labour and human trafficking or from criminal activities such as arms trading or other illegal sources - and we cannot accept donations from political parties. This should be logical, but for the sake of completeness we will write it here.


  • One day we would like to live in a world where there are no disposable plastic products that end up in the environment.
  • A world where no waste at all ends up in the ocean. A world with beaches without plastic waste.
  • A world where as many people as possible have access to a functioning waste system.
  • A world in which environmental protection can be brought into the consciousness of children in a playful way already in kindergarten.
  • A world in which environmental protection, the protection of resources and sustainability are school subjects.
  • A world in which you won't be ridiculed for your commitment to the environment.
  • We want to live in a world where as many people as possible have a high level of awareness, a good measure of self-reflection and the motivation to be the change they want to see.
  • We want people who question things, look for solutions and start to change themselves instead of waiting for other people to save the world for them.

Your support helps

  • CleanUp actions in your city. In this way you actively contribute to a clean environment and help to spread the thoughts of Ozeankind
  • the environmental education of children & young people in your city
  • attention to the issue of waste reduction & prevention
  • our regional Ozeankind bases