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Frau steigt über die Trümmer eines zerstörten Hauses

Earthquake emergency aid for Turkey & Syria | How you can help with donations (in-kind)

[As of: 07 March 2023] In the early morning of Monday, February 6th, in the border region of Kahramanmaraş between Turkey and Syria, people were surprised by two severe earthquakes of magnitude 7.8. According to current information, the number of dead has already risen above 50,000 and thousands of buildings have been destroyed (as of 02 March, source: Deutsche Welle). We show how you can help the people affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria now and in the coming weeks.

Monetary donations most efficient, donations in kind after consultation

Numerous national and international aid organisations are supplying the people on the ground with relief supplies. To do so, they are primarily dependent on financial support. Currently, the best way to support them is with a financial donation.

Relief supplies and donations in kind are needed, especially on a larger scale, and should be coordinated with the relevant agencies. The Turkish Embassy and Action Medeor have published lists of needs for this purpose. Private donations in kind can also be handed in at the Spendenbrücke. For more information, see the section on donations in kind.

  1. Support with a monetary donation
  2. These donations in kind are needed
  3. Support through personal commitment
  4. Support affected people in Germany

1. Support organizations with a monetary donation

Various national and international organizations are currently assessing the situation in the earthquake region between Turkey and Syria and finding ways to help the people on the ground. In the current situation, the best way to support them is to donate money. Here you can find an overview of selected appeals for donations.

With your donation you support 5 organizations that provide the local people with the most important things.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Aktion Deutschland hilft is an association of aid organizations such as Paritätischer, Johanniter, Malteser and many more that are active in the earthquake region.

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz & Roter Halbmond

Expert teams from the Turkish Red Crescent Disaster Relief Service are providing blood units and essential relief supplies in the earthquake zone. They prepare hot meals for local people and provide psychosocial support. Syrian Arab Red Crescent response teams are supporting rescue and recovery efforts and providing first aid on site.


Malteser International has been supporting health structures and care in Syria through local partners since 2012. Currently, they are coordinating the first emergency aid measures and getting relief supplies on their way.


Diakonie’s Disaster Relief is in communication with its local partners on scene to provide emergency aid.

2. These donations in kind are needed

Many of the aid organizations are already working in the earthquake region in Syria and Turkey, providing people with the most basic necessities. They have well-rehearsed procedures for catastrophes and buy relief supplies on the spot. This reduces the logistics and coordination effort. The best way you can support them is by donating money.

You have various options for donations in kind. It is important that you donate according to need and do not travel to the crisis area yourself without consulting the responsible authorities. You can donate here, among other places:

For more places to donate in kind, check out neighbourhood portals like, your local community or social media.

3. Support aid organizations in collecting and sorting

Some private initiatives have called for collections of donations in kind and now need help with sorting and packing. It is best to find out directly in your neighbourhood (e.g. via social media or where support is needed. As soon as larger organisations need support for packing actions, we will let you know here.

4. Support relatives and affected people in Germany

Surely many of the Syrian and Turkish people living in Germany know relatives and friends in the earthquake region. You can help them best by listening and supporting them mentally.

Refer to the telephone counselling service

In addition, you can also refer people to the telephone counselling service. Here, trained staff help people deal with particularly distressing situations. You can contact them online or directly at one of the following numbers: 0800 / 111 0 111 or 0800 / 111 0 222 or 116 123.

For young people there is the crisis chat

For children, adolescents and young adults, the crisis chat is also available, to which they can turn at any time with any problems or concerns. The crisis chat is available 24/7 via WhatsApp, SMS or online.

Inform about the visa for relatives

People from Turkey affected by the earthquake have the opportunity to apply for a simplified Schengen Area visa to stay with relatives in Germany for an initial period of 90 days. Detailed information on this can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

Thank you for your commitment towards the people in Turkey and Syria.

Your team!

The team on the Tempelhofer Feld.

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