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Constructive News

With Squirrel News ( we have launched a new international news service in summer 2020: free, curated / handpicked, solution-oriented and non-profit.

About Constructive News

Target group(s)

Our goal is to improve access to solution-oriented media for as many people as possible. Therefore, we try to reach people worldwide regardless of their race, age, gender, and social background.

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We plan to be funded mainly through micro-donations. In former projects we have gained experience with this approach. Therefore, we are very confident that we will generate relevant revenues by that in the medium term.


Our goal is to make constructive, solution-oriented media contributions more visible and accessible, since the majority of media currently pay too little attention to this. Currently, conflicts, scandals, wars and catastrophes predominate. Our focus is on solutions and approaches: new ideas, social innovations, best practice models and stories of success.

Your support helps expand people's horizons and improve their knowledge about the world remove pessimism where it's not necessary help people develop a healtier worldview and a more fulfilled sense of life show people how they can act in a constructive and sustainable way in their daily life and where they can get involved themselves. 

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Constructive News

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