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Volunteering in Düsseldorf

Volunteering in Düsseldorf | These 5 projects look forward to your support

In Düsseldorf there are countless social organisations where you can get involved by volunteering. We would like to introduce you to 5 charitable projects that are looking forward to your support.

There is no topic that really appeals to you and for which you would like to become active? Or are the projects no longer up to date? Then you will find many more opportunities for volunteering in Düsseldorf on

1 | Support the food rescue for the food bank as a driver or co-driver


The Tafel Düsseldorf is committed to combating poverty and helping people in need, and constantly strives to prevent the destruction of perfectly good food. Their work is currently all the more important because more and more people are dependent on their support. As a volunteer, you can support them by driving (or riding shotgun) to supermarkets and discount stores in Düsseldorf to rescue food. You distribute the collected food to the Tafel distribution centre and other social institutions.

Does this sound like a meaningful job for you? Then get in touch with the team now, they are looking forward to your support.

2 | Collect rubbish together with the youngcaritas team for the project #fillthebottle


The project “Müllsammeln” (collecting rubbish) of youngcaritas Düsseldorf offers you the framework to get involved in their environment and climate protection. The #fillthebottle campaign is part of the project, in which the volunteers try to fill plastic bottles with cigarette butts lying around. One cigarette butt pollutes about 40 litres of groundwater, so you can make a big difference. The material is provided by youngcaritas. And of course you are welcome to bring friends along. Are you with us?

3 | Care for senior horses (former riding school horses) or help maintain their pastures


Through sponsorships and donations, Seniorpferde aktiv mit Kindern e.V. makes it possible for riding school horses that can no longer earn their own living due to their age to have a secure retirement in their familiar herd and environment. The association is always looking for active support for the care of the horses and the pastures. This includes feeding, cleaning and short walks in the neighbouring forest.

You have a heart for horses and would like to join them? The team is looking forward to hearing from you.

4 I Get involved in a non-profit bicycle workshop for children & young people


The Jumpers Düsseldorf is a district project for children and young people in the housing estate on our doorstep in Hassels Nord. They offer free lunch, homework help and learning support, workshops, games, musical instrument lessons, sports, holiday activities and more.

In their bicycle workshop, they also repair bicycles together with the children and young people. This gives the children not only the great feeling of having repaired something with their own hands, but also a functioning bicycle.

If you’re keen to do a bit of bike tinkering with children and young people, this is just the project for you.

5 I Become a shopkeeper in the free shop of Niemandsland e.V. (monthly get-to-know dates)


Niemandsland e.V. is a small group of people who have opened a for-free shop in Düsseldorf and want to make it available to everyone. They work on a voluntary, unpaid basis and strive to treat people, animals and resources with respect according to the principle of the for-free economy. So that you can get to know them, they offer an information evening every month. Does this sound like a project you would like to be a part of? Then find your appointment now.

You haven’t found a suitable volunteering or social commitment in Düsseldorf yet? Then take a look at and discover many more opportunities!

Your Team wishes you joyful volunteering in Düsseldorf!

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