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Team building: 5 ideas for effective measures in 2024

The team lies at the core of every company. Team building can unlock greater motivation, foster harmony in the workplace, and enhance overall performance. But what exactly is the idea behind team building, and how can it be successfully implemented in the era of hybrid teams and teams that are spread out across many locations? We tackle these questions in this article.

For your inspiration, we’ve also gathered five team building ideas. While some may be familiar, they all promise fun and excitement. And you might even end up doing something good in the process!

    1. What is the definition of team building?
    2. Can team building make a tangible difference?
    3. What are the key factors for effective team building?
    4. Challenges: What does modern team building need?
    5. 5 Ideas for modern team building

What is the definition of team building?

Team building refers to measures or processes that improve cooperation within teams, increase individual motivation and at the same time strengthen company ties. It often takes place as special events during working hours and is frequently linked to the solution of one or more joint tasks. By working towards a common goal, employees can get to know each other better, build mutual trust and at the same time discover new individual skills.

Can team building make a tangible difference?

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The answer is: Yes! For instance, the meta-analysis Does team training improve team performance? A meta-analysis conducted as part of a research project at the University of Central Florida concluded that team-building measures have a positive impact on team performance. Team building resulted in enhanced learning capabilities and fostered a more positive attitude towards colleagues. Improved team communication and collaboration skills were also noted. However, the study also revealed that there are a number of factors that influence the effectiveness of team-building measures. So what exactly makes team building events successful?

What are the key factors for effective team building?

Every team building measure should be adapted to the individual needs of the respective teams and their members. For example, the degree of maturity plays a major role, i.e. the question of whether the team is relatively new or already well-established. The size of the team, the time available and the budget also influence the choice of suitable team building.

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Regardless, team-building efforts should focus on these three aspects in particular:


Successful collaboration hinges on effective communication, which is a skill that can be developed. It can be practiced during team building activities through playful exercises or tasks. The aim is for colleagues to get to know each other better in a non-work environment and achieve a common goal through good communication. The experience gained is then transferred to everyday working life and ensures that newly learned skills can be implemented much more easily and naturally thanks to improved communication. The exercises also help to solve problems better together in stressful situations.


Certainly, friendships within a team greatly enhance relationship bonds. But in everyday working life, it is also important to develop a certain amount of trust in your colleagues, whether in relation to certain tasks or adherence to certain rules. It also involves trusting each other in assigned roles. Team-building exercises present barriers that require trust and understanding to overcome. This fosters closer bonds within the team and teaches individuals to trust both themselves and their colleagues.


Team building exercises increase team motivation! One of the objectives is for employees to realise their individual importance and unique skills. When their individual contributions are recognized, they feel more connected to their role and are more confident and motivated to do their best. And guess what? As people grow closer and friendships develop, they become more integrated into the team, leading to heightened dedication to their work!

Challenges: What does modern team building need?

In the book Hybrid Work (in German), Anna Matzat explores the role of team building in hybrid work places and modern working environments. Her insight: Hybrid teams should make it a point to gather regularly, even if it’s just virtually, to boost team spirit. Nevertheless, it is important that the entire team meets in person at least once a year. And if this only happens once a year, then these meetings should last several days so that there is enough time for exchange.

5 Ideas for modern team building

To help you find the perfect fit for your team and its needs, we’ve got a handful of ideas ready for you!

1. Murder mystery dinner: Solve a murder case together

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Get ready for a thrill ride of adrenaline and teamwork! Solving a murder mystery as a team-building event blends exciting entertainment with effective team building. For this challenge, team members have to work together to combine clues in order to unmask the perpetrator. Good communication between colleagues is particularly important here. Plus, everyone gets to shine with their own unique strengths.

And the best part? The flexibility: Teams from different locations can come together for the murder mystery dinner, and it is also compatible with working from home: You can easily organise the murder mystery evening yourself with kits, in a small group, hand it over to organisers or design it as a home experience with providers such as teambuilding:now.

The teambuilding:now platform focuses on sustainable team events with a low carbon footprint and social aspects. A clear recommendation!

2. Outdoor team building: Herd 1000 sheep together

A herd of sheep can be seen.
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Excuse me? Yes, with organizers like Natürlich Teambuilding you can herd 1000 sheep together as a teambuilding activity. Because what seems so easy for the shepherds can turn into quite the challenge for your team. The animals zero in on every disagreement and weakness among colleagues. The joint task can only succeed through good communication and trust. For those who feel like herding 1000 sheep is a bit overwhelming, why not try an alpaca hike instead?

Working with animals has a motivating effect, as it enables employees to recognize and use their strengths. This not only enhances teamwork but also fosters the personal growth of each individual.

3. Corporate Volunteering: Get involved together for a good cause

Picture: Tina Eichner

Interested in strengthening your team while making a positive impact on society? Then a Corporate Volunteering event could be the right fit for you.

Whether it’s cooking meals for the less fortunate, organizing park clean-ups, providing job application training for newcomers, or arranging excursions with senior citizens, this unique form of team building enhances the sense of community among employees. So called social days, also contribute to the satisfaction and happiness of each individual by providing a sense of fulfillment through meaningful actions. This, in turn, has a clearly positive impact on company loyalty and work motivation (you can find out more about Corporate Volunteering and its positive effects here).

Via, you can find a range of options to tailor your Corporate Volunteering experience, from pro bono projects for specific teams to cross-location social days for the entire workforce. Reach out to us and together, we’ll uncover the perfect fit for you.

4. Pub Quiz: Team up for brain-teasing fun in a cozy pub atmosphere

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As part of bar culture, the pub quiz was first mentioned as early as 1960! It’s no coincidence that playing guessing games together in a relaxed atmosphere has remained a popular activity to this day. For this event teamwork and creative thinking are required. But it’s not just about quick answers; trust and communication also play a major role: who has the critical knowledge in this round? Can you rely on your colleague to know the right answer?

In this exercise, teamwork can be encouraged in a lighthearted manner, playfully. Providers such as Plan A’s Pub Quiz, for example, offer a pub quiz on the topic of “sustainability”. You can also find an online version like the teambuilding:now online pub quiz. Happy puzzling!

5. Team sport: Conquer the 10km together!

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It’s common knowledge that exercise is crucial for our well-being. Incorporating physical team-building activities with a shared goal, can not only add a fun workout element but also strengthen bonds between colleagues. Our suggestion for you: take part in a marathon!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s 5, 10 or 20 km. Pre-training sessions create a recurring opportunity for colleagues to connect and share ideas. Conquering this challenges together on competition day also fuels additional motivation, as it fosters a sense of collective achievement. If you then also turn it into a charity run, with a donation for every meter covered going to a good cause, you’ve got the perfect recipe for successful team building!

Your team from
wishes you a successful team building experience!

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