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GoBanyo's shower bus with dignity

A Shower Bus with Dignity | About Hygiene in Homeless Aid Services

People living on the streets have the same needs as any of us. In addition to healthy food and sleep, this also includes basic hygiene. Unfortunately, access to facilities such as public showers and toilets is not always available. On the one hand, there are very few of them – even in large cities – and on the other hand, they often cost money. The shower bus of the non-profit organization GoBanyo fills this gap and offers people on the streets a free hygiene and sanitation service in Hamburg. We want to introduce you to the organization and its approach.

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What is GoBanyo?

The GoBanyo shower bus at one of its stations
The GoBanyo shower bus

The non-profit GmbH GoBanyo was co-founded in 2019 by Dominik Bloh. He was homeless himself and had first-hand experience of how it feels not being able to shower regularly and what that does to one’s self-image and dignity:

‘If you are always treated like dirt, you will eventually feel like dirt yourself.’

Dominik Bloh, author und co-founder of GoBanyo

Through crowdfunding, the organization was able to convert an old bus into a shower bus in 2019, which now frequently stops at various stations in Hamburg to be accessible to as many people as possible. You can find an overview of the locations and schedules here.

What does the organization offer homeless people?

Topics that are covered by the GoBanyo shower bus.
The GoBanyo shower bus covers these topics

In the GoBanyo shower bus, guests do not only get the opportunity to take a shower and use a clean toilet. They also receive fresh underwear, socks or a T-shirt. They are also provided with sanitary products for shaving and personal hygiene.

The range of services offered by the shower bus is constantly being expanded. Guests can also get a fresh haircut from a hairdresser or be examined in a mobile doctor’s office. In cooperation with Hanseatic Help, there is also an extended clothing distribution service on site. Until 14.11.2022 there was also a permanent shower village.

What is important throughout all of this is the unconditional appreciation of the guests and the encounter as equals. Because that is what, in addition to the feeling of being clean, gives the people on the streets a bit of dignity and self-worth back.

GoBanyo introduces itself

This is where we want to give the floor directly to the GoBanyo team and let them introduce themselves:

How you can support GoBanyo

Support the shower bus on site

The work at GoBanyo is supported by many volunteers and you can be one of them. If you want to support the project directly on site, you have several possibilities: Whether it’s at the reception, in the distribution of supplies, in the use of the professional cleaning equipment, as a driver of the shower bus (driving license class C) or even in the technical area, any support is valuable.

Support with a donation

Besides your time, you can also donate money and equipment to GoBanyo. All information about what exactly is needed can be found here:

We wish you a lot of fun with your volunteer at the GoBanyo shower bus!
Your Team.

Group picture of the vostel employees at Tempelhofer Feld

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