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Five people sittng on a blanket at the lake.

Find your volunteering summer activity with these 5 ideas

Summer, sun, volunteering … Summer is here and lures us outside. But instead of enjoying this season just for yourself, you can share your summer joy with other people by getting involved and gain unique experiences along the way (this summer) – on the water, on the bike or even at festivals and vacation camps. Discover the possibilities for your summer commitment!

    1. Volunteer at the beach
    2. Share your enthusiasm for cycling in summer
    3. Support vacation programs for children
    4. Become part of summer parties & music festivals
    5. Stand up for animal and environmental protection

1. Volunteer at the beach

Summer volunteering at the beach:
1. seashells on the beach 
2. lifeguards on the beach 
3. view of a lake

Where better to enjoy the summertime than by the water? Whether at the sea or at the lake, there are many ways to combine your beach day with a commitment. As a volunteer lifeguard, for example, you can ensure more safety on beaches and enjoy beautiful days in the sun at the same time. Or you can turn your next beach walk into a small scientific expedition and collect knowledge about our marine resources as a BeachExplorer.

2. Share your enthusiasm for cycling in summer

volunteering summer with your bike: 
1. one person is driven by another in a rickshaw 
2. women with and without migration history learn to ride a bike together 
3. a person walks through a bicycle repair garage

Especially in summer, cycling is one of the most beautiful ways to get around. This year, you can share this fun with other people so that they can enjoy the summer breeze while cycling just as much as you do. For example, you can teach refugee women how to ride a bike and help them gain more mobility and self-determination in their everyday lives. Or you can get involved in a bicycle repair project in your city and help people keep their bikes fit at a reasonable price while saving resources. Another very special way to get involved with cycling this summer is to take senior citizens on rickshaw rides. On a tour through the city and nature, you’ll give them a lot of joy, do something for your own fitness, and certainly hear one or two exciting stories.

3. Support vacation programs for children

The picture showes you possibilities for your volunteering summer with children:
1. adults help children put their handprints on a piece of cloth with paint
2. children are cutting vegetables 
3. a child sweeps up hay for cows in a barn

Do you want to give children a very special summer? Then how about a vacation commitment? Whether it’s exciting trips and vacation camps, individual children’s and youth projects, in the mountains or by the sea, on a canoe tour or mountain biking: thanks to you and the local teams, children get a very special – and definitely not boring – vacation experience. Working with children can also be an incredibly enriching experience for you. All according to the motto: fun, games, learning and joy!

4. Become part of summer parties & music festivals

The picture showes you possibilities for your volunteering summer  with festivals:
1. the view from a festival stage to the audience 
2. a small party with different people and colorfully decorated garlands above their heads 
3. a big crowd at a festival area

The best time to celebrate outside is in the summer. But how about experiencing such an event from the other perspective this year, as part of the crew? Not only do you get free access to events and great acts, but you can also play a big part in giving you and other people an unforgettable summer experience. On you will find a great overview of volunteering opportunities at festivals and summer fairs.

5. Stand up for animal and environmental protection

The picture showes how you possibilities for your volunteering summer in the nature:
1. a person watering plants in a big city garden
2. an insect hotel 
3. a person doing a clean up in the park

Healthy green spaces and a functioning ecosystem are essential for a livable future on our planet. You can support both with your volunteering activity in the summer. For example, by watering city trees, which are increasingly suffering from drought and high temperatures. In our blog on watering trees, we give you lots of valuable tips and advice on what you can do. You can also help preserve insects by animals by building an insect hotel, for example. Or you can get involved in Clean Ups in your city for a garbage-free environment.

Would you like to get involved with nature in another way? Then you will find many other volunteering opportunities as an overview in our article on projects for climate and environmental protection.

Your team wishes you lots of fun volunteering this summer!

The Vostel Team.

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  1. Jackline Nantunze 01.11.23 - 10:15

    I want to be part of your volunteer programs, basically under children

    • Sebastian Prassek 01.11.23 - 10:27

      Hi Jackline, great to hear that you are looking for a volunteer position. You will find all information about the organisations and the projects that you can get involved in via the links in the article. Once you are on the website you can choose a project you would like to support and get in contact with the respective organisation for more details.

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