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Who we are

We are a small, Berlin-based social enterprise with a big dream: We envision a world where everyone contributes to a better, more sustainable future according to their abilities and regardless of how much time they have, what language they speak or what skills they bring with them. This is why we offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities at various non-profit organisations on We provide concrete possibilities for individuals, especially for the younger generation, to become socially engaged and help create a better world.

Since our founding in 2015, we have been able to match 12602 volunteers with 562 social organisations through

In addition to recruiting volunteers and advising non-profit organisations on all aspects of their volunteer management, we help companies plan and implement rewarding corporate volunteering activities.

At present, is operating in Berlin, in Cologne, in Darmstadt, in the region of Frankfurt am Main, in the region Munich, in Wiesbaden and in Nuremberg .

Our target group

Our youngest vostel volunteer is 16, the oldest vostel volunteer 86 years old. We think this is great - because we want to make it possible for everyone to commit themselves to a better and more sustainable future! For this reason, many of our committed volunteers are also so-called newcomers (e.g. expats or people from a refugee background), which is why we attach great importance to also offering volunteering opportunities for people with no or little knowledge of the German language.

In addition to collaborating with large charities, we place particular emphasis on assisting small and little known organisations and initiatives in their search for volunteers and help them promote themselves on

Our core activities

Our core task is to match those willing to help with those who need it and to advise non-profit organisations on effective volunteer management. In addition, we regularly hold workshops on various topics such as volunteer management, digital volunteering, on how to address and gain young volunteers as well as on how to build up meaningful corporate cooperations.

Also, we help businesses to plan and implement rewarding Corporate Volunteering activities.

Our business model funds itself by organising and carrying out Corporate Volunteering activities (individual or group activities, pro bono work, fundraising campaigns), by advising companies on setting up and implementing CV programmes and through lecturing and teaching activities.

Our team

  • Hanna Lutz

    Hanna Lutz

    Managing Director | Head of Communications & Marketing

    Hanna is one of the co-founders and managing director of She is responsible for the areas Communication and Marketing.

  • Stephanie Frost

    Stephanie Frost

    Managing Director | Director Corporate Volunteering & Cooperations

    As a managing director and co-founder, Stephanie is in charge of all matters related to Cooperations & Corporate Volunteering.

  • Björn Weinbrenner

    Björn Weinbrenner

    Web- & Product Development

    Björn translates the vostel concept into programming language and works meticulously and creatively on new technical solutions to implement the vision of vostel.

  • Sophie Kahl

    Sophie Kahl

    Head of Partner and Volunteer Management

    Sophie is responsible for our partner network and takes care of our volunteers.

  • Rebecca Brumma

    Rebecca Brumma

    Junior Project Manager | Corporate Volunteering

    Rebecca supports our customers and runs our Corporate Volunteering Events.

  • Rebekka Hesse

    Rebekka Hesse

    Project Assistance Corporate Volunteering

    Rebekka plans & runs our Corporate Volunteering Events.

  • Anna Hamberger

    Anna Hamberger

    Project Assistance

    Anna helps our team with all larger and smaller tasks.

  • Marie Kühl

    Marie Kühl

    Event Assistance Corporate Volunteering

    Marie brings a great dose of creativity to our Social Days and - with a keen sense of team dynamics - ensures colourful events with impact.

  • Adrian Bornmann

    Adrian Bornmann

    Social Media Management

    Adrian is in charge of our social media campaigns and manages our vostel-blog.

  • Ve Wolff

    Ve Wolff

    Social Media & Community Management

    Ve designs and manages our social media campaigns and is the contact person for our online vostel community.

  • Elisa Haubert

    Elisa Haubert

    User Interface

    Elisa is the personal make-up artist of and therefore responsible for the visual representation of the user interface.

  • Christina Wieling

    Christina Wieling


    Tina makes sure that also appears in beautiful English.

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