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#supportduringcorona | How to Support Good Causes in Corona Times – also from Home

You think volunteering is getting a Mission Impossible during times of #PhysicalDistancing? No way! In this blog, we show you a whole bunch of ways to do good – also from home. #supportduringcorona 🧡

Plus, through our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) we also keep you up to date with the latest needs from the NPO world.

Corona is ubiquitous and, as on (almost) everything, the pandemic also has a major impact on our work. As the volunteering platform vostel.de, we normally promote the intensive exchange between people through voluntary work. Since social distancing (we prefer the term #physicaldistancing btw) is the order of the day (and probably for the next few months as well), we are confronted with a dilemma. Should we advise against engagement that requires a physical presence? Or may we point out that in many areas (e.g. helping the homeless) helping hands are still absolutely necessary?

Well, we do both. So we want to show you in the following weeks (and maybe months) here and on social media under the hashtag #supportduringcorona many ways how you can do good – also from home. In particular, we will be talking about Online & Remote Volunteering opportunities, neighborhood help and support for your local restaurants and shops, in-kind and financial donations, the big topic of online petitions as well as DIY projects you can easily start from home.

At the same time, however, we would like to draw attention to individual offline volunteering opportunities that are dependent on local support even in times of crisis. Of course, all these projects have taken the highest security precautions to protect volunteers, staff and people in need of support from infection with Covid-19.

And last but not least:

In order to help others, we ourselves must be doing well. Our friend Jan Lennarz from Ein guter Plan has collected 11 tips on how to get through the pandemic in a relaxed manner. If you need further help dealing with this situation, we have collected helpful numbers where you can find professional support for yourself (and people around you).

And we would be very happy if you joined in and show us using #supportduringcorona what you are doing to help the vulnerable people in our society in this difficult situation. Because #wereinthistogether and because #werebettertogether. 🧡

With a click on the links below you will get directly to the different Do-Good categories:

Offline Volunteering
DIY | START your own project
Important Hotlines

You have turned your room or your apartment upside down in the last few weeks and now ask yourself where to put all the sorted out but still good things? Exactly for this we have written a blog post “Don’t bin it, bring it | Meaningful ways to get rid of your old stuff”, where we have collected organisations that are very happy about your in-kind donations!

Just like us, many of the organisation’s employees are sitting in their home office or even had to shut down completely. For some, this is a clear threat to their existence. Costs for rent or bills from cancelled events must be covered, because an NPO is not allowed to have any debts. However, the only way to gain income at the moment is through donated money. But not only money donations can help an NPO to survive the crisis, but also in-kind donations. Creative ideas lead to new ways and alternatives to support the specific target groups despite restrictions – i.e. digital consultations. We would like to introduce you to some organisations and their individual challenges in order to point out their urgent needs.



The Outing Blog e.V. offers young people important spaces in which they can develop and educates through workshops on topics such as homophobia, mobbing and sexually transmitted diseases.

Due to the coronavirus, important workshops have been cancelled and the association’s contact points have been closed. The Outing Blog e.V. has lost a total of 400€, which it must now quickly recover in order to be able to continue its work in the future. Your donation can be very helpful here.

Account: Outing Blog e.V.
IBAN: DE30 5005 0201 1203 5130 36
Intended Use: Donation to maintain OB



Blickwinkel e.V. offers homework support, discussion events and job application training for children and young people in Neukölln. The courses strengthen the educational opportunities and personalities of the children in order to promote solidarity and respect for others.

In order to make it possible for as many pupils as possible, including those from socially disadvantaged families, to receive their tuition, the fees for tutoring are very low. They therefore cover only a part of our monthly costs – especially for rent and material.

Due to the coronavirus, the NPO can no longer offer its current program and will remain closed until April 17th. However, costs for rent, telephone, etc. do not have a pandemic break. So the organisation is now facing a financial challenge. Through betterplace.org you can co-finance a part of the monthly rent.



The Clean River Project e.V. is a non-profit environmental, arts and education project that aims for clean rivers and seas, as well as to reduce plastic waste pollution through active water clean-up and education.

Due to the current situation caused by Covid-19, three Clean Up events, two school projects, a presentation and the opening of the new art exhibition had to be cancelled. As a project based on community and events, this project is now at a standstill and so is the income. Nevertheless, running costs like rent, electricity and the team have to be financed. With the help of your donation the Clean River Project e.V. would be greatly helped. You can donate directly to the account below, via betterplace or via PayPal.

Account: Clean River Project e.V.
IBAN: DE25 5705 0120 0000 2520 31



The Ginsheim-Gustavsburger Tafel e.V. supplies food to people in need every day.

Like many other Tafel in Germany, the Tafel in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg also has financial problems due to Corona. In order to minimize the risk of infection, the Ginsheim-Gustavsburger Tafel e.V. dispenses with the usual symbolic 2 Euros for food, but still has to cover the usual running costs. Every donation helps the Tafel!

Account: Ginsheim-Gustavsburger Tafel e.V.
IBAN: DE12 5086 2903 0001 8832 59


Naturschutzzentrum Ökowerk Berlin e.V.

The Naturschutzzentrum Ökowerk Berlin e.V. is a learning and adventure centre in Berlin’s oldest waterworks in the middle of Grunewald. The organisation offers workshops and events on nature and environmentally relevant topics and takes care of the preservation of biological diversity on its premises.

Due to the loss of events, considerable income is now missing, which is a big
problem for a non-profit organisation. Your donation could save the organisation!

Account: Naturschutzzentrum Ökowerk e.V.
IBAN: DE91 4306 0967 1144 9057 00 (GLS Bank)
Intended Use: Spende Wildbienen Ökowerk



ANIMALS UNITED e.V. is an animal welfare association based in Munich, Germany, but operates nationwide through 18 active action groups. They are an educational organisation and show how each individual can protect animals and save lives on a daily basis with the help of animal protection lessons and educational events.

The main source of income of the association, the donations of the passers-by during their actions on the streets and the payments for animal protection lessons are now unfortunately omitted due to the Corona crisis. Since the running costs continue, this is a big problem for them as a non-profit association.

Your financial donation will secure their work in and after the crisis situation. Their political animal protection work and online actions continue and also the dogs in their shelter in Gyula (Hungary) need ANIMALS UNITED to get food on the spot. Therefore the organisation is very grateful for your donation to the following account:

GLS Bank
IBAN: DE12430609678209249700



The DBSV is the national organisation representing the interests of people who are visually impaired, blind, hearing impaired or deaf-blind. They help them to maintain and improve their social status and promote their equal participation in society and medical care.

Blind children discover the world with their fingertips. But since there are hardly any suitable books for the 10,000 blind and visually impaired preschool children in Germany, they lack this important access. Especially now, when they have to stay at home all day, the need for books for these children becomes especially apparent.

In order to counteract this problem, the DBSV, together with children, parents and experts, is developing special touchbooks with stories that are touchable. In order to ensure that these touchbooks can still be created, the association urgently needs supporters. Find out more at www.tastbücher.de and make a donation to this account to open the world of books to blind and visually impaired children!

Account: Deutscher Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband e.V.
IBAN: DE55 1002 0500 0003 2733 05
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Intended Use: „Tastbuch“



Transnational Medicine is an aid organisation founded in 2014 and is dedicated to the medical care of refugees, homeless and other people without medical insurance in Europe.

They are currently collecting donations to order protective masks directly from China, which they sell at cost price to hospitals, nursing homes and people in need of protection.

This account is available for donations:
Account: Transnational Medicine
IBAN: DE58 5465 1240 0005 6211 98
Sparkasse Rhein-Haardt
Intended use: Corona aid



Sea-Eye is a charity organisation that searches for and rescues people in distress at sea with its rescue ship ALAN KURDI on one of the deadliest escape routes in the world, the central Mediterranean. They already have saved 15,056 people from drowning.

Due to political adversities, but especially due to particular difficulties since the Corona crisis, they were at times the only ship in the rescue area in recent weeks. Even in times of Corona they are urgently needed there. Only two weeks ago the crew of ALAN KURDI rescued 150 people from drowning. Since then there have been further emergencies at sea, in which, due to the few rescue ships in the area, the help for some unfortunately came too late.

To make sure that Sea-Eye will be able to start the next rescue operation in May despite the drop in donations from Corona, they urgently need support now! Help now with your donation to make the next Sea-Eye mission possible.

Donations can also be made at alankurdi.betterplace.org or by bank transfer to:
Account: Sea-Eye e.V.
Volksbank Regensburg
IBAN: DE60 7509 0000 0000 0798 98

Remote Volunteering – a commitment you can do from home – was already popular before Corona times but now it’s more en vogue than ever before 🙂 In our blogpost “Online & Remote Volunteering | Help in Corona Times” you will find numerous possibilities how you can now become active from home.

At the moment we don’t have any current offline engagement opportunities, but have a look at our blog “12 unusual ways & creative ideas how to bring purpose into your Corona everyday life”. There you will surely find an exciting change in your Corona everyday life and you can do good at the same time.

Since neighbourhood help will continue to be incredibly important in the coming weeks, especially to protect risk groups, we have summarized all the platforms that continue to match people seeking help with those seeking help in our blog post “Neighbourhood help | Continue to support risk groups”.

There are many offers of help, which you can also initiate or start on your own – or together with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc.


© hr/Patricia Siebert

The demand of hospitals, nursing homes and other public institutions for masks/mouth protection is becoming ever greater and manufacturers are no longer able to meet it. So there are more and more requests to volunteers to sew mouth protection themselves and send them to the institutions.

If you have suitable fabrics and a sewing machine at home, this is the perfect opportunity for a do-it-yourself session in quarantine. Instructions for sewing and further information on suitable fabrics have been compiled by here.

Here you can find a list of organisations that are in desperate need of masks:

  • The association Coach e.V. from Cologne, which stands up for chance and educational justice, collects self-sewn “mouth nose auxiliary masks”, in order to distribute them to children, young people and non-profit organizations. If you can sew and have the opportunity to sew at home, help provide masks to the affected risk group! You can find all further information here.
  • In addition, the Zeughofstrasse refugee shelter in Kreuzberg, with 147 women, men and children from all over the world, is looking for as many self-made protective masks as possible for its residents. For the masks they offer cotton bedding from their own stock. At the moment, 270 masks are still needed there. They are happy about every mask that you sew and send to them here.


© vostel.de | Gift fence in Berlin Neukölln

The corona pandemic is forcing more and more social facilities such as the Tafel, night cafés and soup kitchens to close for anti-infection reasons. That’s why many cities now have gift fences (the idea comes from the Hamburg Gabenzaun association), to which food, clothing and hygiene articles for homeless and poorer people can be “attached” (well packed).

On www.gabenzaun.de you can see in which cities and districts there are such fences and where there are still some needed. You can also get tips here and download all templates for setting up a donation fence (i.e. rules in multiple languages). 🙂

You can also find more suggestions for helping homeless people in our blog post “8 ways you can help homeless people during Corona”.

The Corona crisis surely affects us all, but the local restaurants and shops are having a particularly hard time, as their source of income is currently vanished. Therefore it is more important than ever to use alternative ways to support our favourite shops in the present time. We have created for you a list of ways to support your locals in our blogpost #supportyourlocal | How to support small businesses, art & culture!

Another possibility to get involved, and that without cost and effort, are online petitions. For this topic we have written the blogpost “9 petitions that you should sign in Corona times” in which you can find (mostly Corona-related) petitions that are currently looking for support!

Police: 110
Fire and emergency rescue service: 112

On-call service for medical assistance: 116 117
Dental emergency service: 030 89004333

Hotline child protection phone: 030 610066
Children’s emergency service: 0 – 13 years Tel.: 030 610061
Youth emergency service: 14 – 18 years Tel.: 030 610062
Girls emergency service: 12 – 21 years Tel.: 030 610063
Help phone for pregnant women in need: 0800 40 40 020

Help portal sexualised abuse: 0800 22 55 530
Violence against women: 08000 116 016 or 030 611 03 00
Ritual violence help line: 0800 30 50 750
White ring: 116 006

Pastoral advice service: 0800 111 0-111 or -222
Youth telephone: 116 111 or 0800 111 0 333
Parents’ emergency telephone parents: 0800 111 0 550
Senior citizens’ telephone: 0800 47 08 090
Muslim pastoral care: 030 44 35 09 821

Addiction assistance: 01805 313031
Alcoholics Anonymous: 08731 32573 12
Addiction and drugs hotline: 01805 313 031


To stay updated in the current situation at all times, the German Red Cross has developed a “WhatsApp Bot”, a virtual contact person who answers your questions about the corona virus around the clock. It provides you with information from trustworthy sources via text message and updates on the current number of infected people. Simply send a WhatsApp message with “Hello” to +49 30 85404106 and select the content you would like to know more about.


Communication problems in everyday medical life? Triaphon is a telephone emergency aid and non-profit organization that aims to improve the medical care of patients with language barriers.

In acute medical situations there is a lack of available interpreters. This can have serious consequences. A team of doctors has therefore become active. Triaphon now offers a 24-hour telephone translation service for hospitals and medical practices for Arabic, Farsi/Dari, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish and Vietnamese.

The language mediators are immediately available and translate short telephone conversations between doctors, nurses and patients. This enables medical care to be provided at eye level.

If you need support or are able to translate in such situations yourself, it is worth taking a look at their website.


The corona crisis severely restricts daily life. In this difficult situation, the risk of an increase in domestic violence rises. At the same time it becomes more difficult for those affected to seek help. Family, friends and neighbours are also uncertain who to turn to in this challenging time.

Source: staerker-als-gewalt.de

This makes it all the more important to reach affected persons in this exceptional situation by alternative means outside their own four walls. This can be the cash register in the supermarket or the notice board in the hallway. The poster campaign “Zuhause nicht sicher?” (which means “Not safe at home?”) aims to draw the attention of customers in supermarkets and also of neighbours in their corridors to the help available. During this time, we are all particularly called upon to pay attention to alarm signals of domestic violence in our surroundings and to take action against it.

Anyone can take part in the action and actively work against violence. All interested enterprises, administrations, associations or private people, who likewise want to support the action “Zuhause nicht sicher?” find the poster collecting main in different formats and a info sheet with all worth knowing around “Stärker als Gewalt” (Stronger than violence) directly to the Download.

We’ll keep you up to date

Of course, this article is never complete (at least as long as Corona isn’t over) and so we update this blog on a regular basis. Through our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) we also provide daily updates and keep you up to date with the latest needs from the NPO world.

If you work for an NPO yourself or know of social organisations that need support, please let us know and send a short email to rebekka.hesse@vostel.de! 🙂

Stay healthy! Your team from vostel.de 🧡

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