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People dance to the music of trumpeters.

Free festivals 2024: Help out & be there for free

Festival summer 2024 is just around the corner and with it the question of which open airs you want to go to this year. The variety of possibilities has probably never been greater and more and more events offer a colorful program of art and culture in addition to great musical contributions. Many of them are free of charge and are run by volunteers. But events that charge a fee also rely on volunteers and allow free admission in return. Would you like to work behind the scenes at a festival this summer? Then you can find selected free (and paid) festivals here, where you can help out in 2024 and be there for free.

We will continue to update the festivals throughout the summer. It’s worth stopping by again and again!

    1. Free festivals 2024 in Hamburg
    2. Free festivals 2024 in Berlin
    3. Free festivals 2024 in Aachen
    4. Free festivals 2024 in Gifhorn
    5. Free festivals 2024 in Schwäbisch Gmünd
    6. Free festivals 2023 in Frankfurt (am Main)

Free festivals 2024 in Hamburg

Cultural festival altonale & Stamp Festival from May 24 to June 09, 2024

Cheerful employees at an information stand.
About the festival

It’s that time again: the altonale and the STAMP Festival will take place from May 24 to June 9, 2024. This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary! There are few cultural festivals where local residents can be as creative as at the altonale: art, music, literature, theater, flea markets, treats and much more!

How you can be part of it

We are looking for event guides for the cultural events for a period of 17 days. As an event guide, you will help with admission, seat allocation and artist support and will be available to answer visitors’ questions at the info point in the middle of the festival site. You will experience the events from a new perspective and have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the artists.

Clubkinder e.V. is also looking for support for its stand at Ottenser Marktplatz (incl. wheel of fortune, people glittering, button machine, Cremate yoga, balance boards, and much more). You can find more information here.

Free festivals 2024 in Berlin

Including beach days on 14.06. & 12.07.2024

A happy group of people at the lido.
About the festival

On these days, the Plötzensee lido becomes a #PlaceForAll. The barrier-free path to the beach bar means that people with wheelchairs, walking frames and baby carriages can also go directly to the beach bar. There you can meet up, chat, dance in the sand and later sit around the campfire.

As a supporter, you will receive free food and drinks and a T-shirt from Unionhilfswerk Berlin.

How you can be part of it

As a supporter, you will help guests get to the event if support is needed. The same of course applies to the return journey from around 9 p.m. – 11 p.m.. You show the visitors the way to the dance floor, if you like, you can also support as an animation talent on the dance floor. If handicrafts are your thing, they are also happy to help with the various activities on site. There is also the opportunity to work as an event photographer. If you have any other ideas on how to get involved, the organizers are open to suggestions.

SOCIALYMPIA on 19.07.2024

A child's face is painted with colorful make-up.
About the festival

Sozialympia is a inclusive, colorful festival of sport that promotes the recognition and social participation of people with intellectual disabilities. The whole neighborhood is invited and 300 participants are expected, including children!

We are looking for committed volunteers who want to make the inclusive sports festival a success. As part of the team, you will ensure that children and people with intellectual disabilities can experience an unforgettable day full of sport and fun.

How you can be part of it

You are responsible for “entertainment” with face painting between 10 a.m. and 14:30 p.m..
Whether butterfly or Spiderman, children and guests alike enjoy this festival atmosphere!

During the same period, volunteers are also needed to model balloons. You can find more information here.

Non-profit public viewing at Tempelhof Airport from 14 – 15.06.2024

Drawing of three young people on a skateboard chasing a soccer ball.
About the festival

Public viewing at a breathtaking and historic location. Embedded in a supporting program designed to strengthen encounters. A festival that celebrates diversity. Successes and defeats are shared and experienced together.

How you can be part of it

It all depends on what your skills and abilities are.
In general, we are looking for supporters to ensure the success of the festival. This means that, depending on your needs and skills, different tasks are required: from checking in our guests, to piloting in front of and on the site, to monitoring the site and actively supporting the logistics.

Summer party at the Askanierring reception facility on 20.06.2024

Lots of happy children dancing.
About the festival

The Askanierring reception center is an initial reception center. This means that the residents are new to Germany and are in the asylum process. For the summer party on 20.06.2024 (Thursday), the team is looking for one-off, energetic support.

How you can be part of it

You can support the summer festival at the Askanierring reception center with setting up and dismantling as well as helping to design the program. These include co-supervision of the craft table, face painting, sports games with children, bubbles or you can contribute your own ideas. You can also help with the preparation and serving of food, popcorn and candy floss.

We are also looking for volunteers who would like to make the children living there happy, for example by dressing up as a clown, a comic figure or similar and having photos taken with the children. You can find more details here.

16th International KinoKabaret Berlin from 09. to 22.09.2024

People stand around a camera and happily watch the filmed material.
About the festival

KinoBerlino is the capital’s independent, voluntary film initiative that has been providing low-threshold access to technology, teams, networks, film workshops, festivals, television, film schools and cinemas for talents of all trades since 2004. KinoKabarets offer the opportunity to learn the craft of filmmaking through practical experience, free from the need for large amounts of time or financial resources. From 09.-22.09. the 16th International KinoKabaret will take place in Berlin, where filmmakers will be creative together and show their films to a large audience.

How you can be part of it

You can support this film festival extensively and over a longer period of time. Your tasks would range from preparing the event in the form of PR & social media management, finding sponsors and coordinating with the participants to designing and helping with the trailer film shoot. Of course, you would also have your hands full during the event period with multifaceted tasks such as checking and handing out film equipment, providing technical support during the screening in the cinema or shopping for catering.

Jenseits von Millionen Festival from 29.07. to 06.08.2024

Two people are chatting and laughing. In the background you can see other people and a festival site with a stage.
About the festival

The association “anderes Festival e.V.” was founded in 2008 to organise a two-day indie music festival once a year in August. The aim is to support the region in order to strengthen culture. By organising the festival, the association also supports children’s aid organisations with an annual donation of at least €2 from every ticket sold, as well as everything that remains on the credit side after deducting the festival costs. The festival itself takes place on 02 and 03 August in Friedland, Brandenburg.

How you can be part of it

We are looking for energetic volunteers to support us during the set-up and dismantling phase from 29 July to 6 August. You can also take on shifts on the festival days, such as tapping beer, making sandwiches, making vegetable spreads, looking after the campsite and much more.
The organisation is also looking for new members. So if you are interested in being closely involved in the tasks in advance and contributing your ideas, then take a look here.

Free festivals 2024 in Aachen

Aachen Peace Run on 28.06.2024

A volunteer will be on hand with a stamp and ink pad to record the runners' laps.
About the festival

Up to 2,000 schoolchildren are expected to take part in the 23rd Aachen Peace Run, which will probably take place in the Frankenberger Viertel on this day. With the run, the children and young people are sending a signal of solidarity – with the people in Ukraine and in crisis regions around the world. At the same time, they collect donations for the peace work of forumZFD, pax christi Aachen and the Aachen Schools against Violence and Racism network with every lap they run.

How you can be part of it

Volunteers are needed to hand out bananas and water to the runners between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., stamp laps run or secure the running route.
We are also looking for people who have time to walk the course on the evening before the Peace Run (27.06.2024) between 6 and 8 p.m. These people can be scheduled as marshals for the Peace Run.

Free festivals 2024 in Gifhorn

Lebenshilfe Live | The festival on 31.08.2024

A group of people sit on the grass by the lake and celebrate with colorful clothes and guitars.
About the festival

On August 31 from 2 to 8 p.m., Lebenshilfe Gifhorn will be holding its successful and popular festival. Two live bands and a DJ will ensure an exuberant atmosphere throughout the afternoon. A large fun program is already being diligently planned, including a carousel, bouncy castle and bungee trampoline. There is also a large food mile with many different delicacies to feast on. The cocktail truck was also a popular highlight this year. With many different fruity, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, you can cool down here.

How you can be part of it

Volunteers are needed to supervise the bouncy castle, look after the photo box and sell tokens and provide information at the information stand. We are also looking for help with serving food, and infection instruction is possible on site.

Free festivals 2024 in Schwäbisch Gmünd

BARMER Beach Days from 17. to 19.06.2024

There is a line on the beach with lots of information about sea turtles and their habitat.
About the festival

Around 300 pupils in grades 5-9 are invited to the BARMER Beach Days in Schwäbisch Gmünd under the motto of nature, sport and exercise. As part of sports and knowledge workshops, children and young people learn exciting things about the beach habitat and measures to protect the environment in a fun and active way. The Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. has two action tents at the Beach Days where workshops are held. There, the pupils not only learn interesting facts about the way of life of endangered sea turtles, but also what to look out for when on vacation and doing sports on the beach so as not to endanger the animals and their nests buried in the sand.

How you can be part of it

Together with the AGA e.V., you look after the children and young people and organize hands-on activities.
In the two action tents, interesting facts about the endangered sea turtles, the beach and sea habitat and how everyone can contribute to their protection will be conveyed in a tangible way. There will also be a sea turtle exhibition with hands-on activities such as games, quizzes and hands-on activities with the pupils. In a rotating system, the children and young people come in groups of a maximum of 10 to 12 pupils.

Free festivals 2023 in Frankfurt (am Main)

Christopher Street Day (CSD) from 08. to 11.08.2024

People on the CSD on the street with a rainbow flag in the foreground
About the festival

The CSD Frankfurt takes place from 08. The event will take place from August 11 to August 11, 2024 and is a joint demonstration by lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people, their friends and all those who support them. Every year, the parade is an expression of joie de vivre, self-confidence and diversity in society that you should definitely not miss!

How you can be part of it

Volunteers are an important support for the CSD in Frankfurt. If you would like to support one of the volunteer teams, you can do so in one of these areas: Set-up and dismantling, in the backstage area, distributing Pride ribbons, as a demo helper or as longer-term support in the organization team.

Support of the international theater festival of the Sommerwerft from 26.07. to – 11.08.2024

People form a circle by holding each other's shoulders and looking up at the sky.
About the festival

Every year, the international theater festival Sommerwerft takes place at the Weseler Werft on the banks of the Main in Frankfurt. For 17 days, the waterfront is transformed into a colorful hustle and bustle between theater, performances, music and simply a place to linger and enjoy the summer. People of all backgrounds, ages, genders and religions come together to form a community.

How you can be part of it

The areas of application are varied, from helping at bars, food stands, cafés, in the silent movie theater, VIP tent or admission control. The tasks are carried out in different shifts of 3-4 hours each between 12 noon and midnight. Volunteers will also be needed from 21.07.-25.07.24 for the set-up and from 12.08.-14.08. for the dismantling.

Your team wishes you a fantastic festival summer!

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