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Obdachlosigkeit im Sommer

Homelessness in summer | Why your support counts even now

In the minds of many people, homelessness seems to be a pressing problem only in winter. Probably because the contrast between one’s warm home and the cold on the street is much clearer than in summer, when everyone is outside anyway. For this reason, homelessness is less noticeable in summer. On the other hand, the thought suggests itself that the warm temperatures make being outside much more pleasant. The truth is, however, that homelessness is just as big a problem in summer as it is in winter, but the difficulties are different.

      1. Cold in winter, heat in summer
      2. Your support helps, even if it is small
      3. Volunteering in homeless aid is manifold
      4. Find your commitment in homeless aid

Cold in winter, heat in summer

4 junge Menschen unterhalten sich mit einem Obdachlosen Menschen

What the cold is in winter and the associated danger of hypothermia and freezing to death, the heat is in summer. Homeless people are often exposed to it without protection when they stay in one place to collect money or wander through the city. The supply of drinking water is not always the highest priority and it is not always easy to get it.

In addition, of course, there are also problems that persist all year round, such as displacement, violence, the lack of medical care and poverty. The only thing is that in summer there are significantly fewer permanent places to sleep in emergency shelters, the willingness to donate decreases and far fewer people get involved in this area. So life for people without a permanent home does not really get easier in summer.

Your support helps, even if it is small

You can support the people concerned with very small gestures. You go to a supermarket where a homeless person is sitting? Just ask them if you can bring them a glass of water. Or maybe even surprise them with an ice cream on a particularly hot day. Small donations are of course just as welcome as in the cold season. And if you feel that a person needs support, don’t be afraid to talk to them.

Volunteering in homeless aid is manifold

Cover picture for the theme month Homeless Aid with a piece of cardboard as background and the inscription: imagine you are living on the street and someone is helping you.

Helping the homeless is more than just food distribution. Like all of us, people affected by homelessness need a safe place to sleep, whether in summer or winter. They also need the opportunity to wash or shower, including fresh clothes. Social work and basic medical care are also important, especially against the background of the hard life on the streets.

In our theme month on homeless aid, we have accompanied various organisations in their important work. In several blog posts, we give you an insight into their diverse work and show you how you can support them.

Find your commitment in homeless aid

Of course, there are many other projects in the field of homelessness that would appreciate your support during the summer. On you will find a variety of ways to help improve conditions for homeless people all year round.

Your team wishes you a great volunteering experience!

Gruppenbild der vostel Mitarbeiter*innen auf dem Tempelhofer Feld

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