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4 tips for volunteering for animals

Your heart beats for two- or four-legged friends or for other little animals? For years you have been dreaming of having a pet, but your apartment or job doesn’t allow it? Then a commitment for and/or with animals might be just the right opportunity for you to integrate your love for animals into your everyday life. Many animal shelters, animal care facilities but also animal protection organisations are constantly looking for volunteer support. Because the number of animals in need of protection in Germany is still large and the money is usually limited.

So that you are well-prepared for volunteering for animals, we have summarised 4 central tips for you here.

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1. Say goodbye to your cuddle expectation

All volunteering opportunities with animals are in particular demand on Many volunteers expect that they can cuddle with their two- and four-legged friends all day long. In fact, in many animal care facilities, it is not always possible to come into direct contact with animals, as this requires training as an animal keeper or special training. The reason for this is that traumatized animals with special needs for treatment often live in animal shelters and animal care units. So even if you have a dog yourself, it might not be enough to be able to evaluate the behavior of the dogs in the shelter properly.

So please read the project descriptions carefully to inform yourself about the requirements and the exact activity to avoid disappointment in case you do not come into direct contact with the animals.

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2. Lend a hand

However, animal care centers often do not need your help in caring for the animals, but for instance in cleaning stables or maintaining the grounds. This way you can make sure that qualified specialists can devote more attention to the care of their animals.

3. Be ready for some cuddles anyway

Nevertheless, there is usually some time left to cuddle a bit, which is very important for the animals too. Because these cuddles are not only good for us, but also help the animals to remain turned towards people. So they can be better mediated, if necessary.

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4. Stand up for animal protection

Commitment for animals does not have to be limited to an activity in an animal shelter, in an animal care centre or in a zoo. Your commitment can also have a great impact if you support animal protection organisations.

If you don’t have enough time at the moment, you can also help by signing animal protection petitions or by paying attention to an animal-friendly nutrition in your daily life.

You want to volunteer for animals?

Then have a look at and discover volunteering opportunities for animals!

More tips and information on volunteering you will find in our volunteer guide or through our social media channels (FacebookInstagramTwitter). Here we will keep you up to date on everything important in the world of volunteering! So feel free to drop in there as well! ­čÖé

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