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Volunteer in Munich | Find the right commitment for yourself

An incredible number of 1.4 million people live in Munich. Through various social commitments, they actively shape the city and contribute to a social coexistence. You are interested to volunteer in Munich, but you don’t know yet what you are looking for? Then discover now which commitment suits you and get to know Munich in a completely different way.

Get involved on-site

3 pictures: the one to the left shows two people who are volunteering by picking up trash. The middle picture shwos a dog and a woman and in the one to the left, a woman is doing yoga.

If you want to get socially involved on site, you have plenty of options in Munich: You love yoga? Then share your affinity and lead a small class every week to enable access to this sport for other people. If you care about the environment and want to do your part for a green and living environment, a commitment in nature and animal protection could be just the right thing for you. Volunteering opportunities range from coordinating dog adoptions to participating in clean-ups. People with green thumbs are also welcome to share their knowledge within educational events. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll be doing something good, making another person happy, and automatically making yourself happy, too.

Discover remote volunteering opportunities

A woman and a man are sitting next to each other, both working on their laptops.

You can’t find a suitable on-site project for you? Then take a look at our remote and digital projects for your volunteering in Stuttgart. They range from supporting non-profits with their social media work to getting involved with online language learning groups to supporting a digital crisis chat for children and young people. Take a look around and find a suitable commitment to do from home.

Discover our 5-Minute-Commitments for your daily routine

4 images: the first one shows a woman combining jogging with collecting garbage as a commitment. The others show birds at a feeder, a public bookshelf and a closet with clothes.

Actually, you don’t have enough time to volunteer at an organization in Munich at the moment? Then maybe our 5-Minute Commitments are the right thing for you. They are independent from non-profit organizations and allow you to get involved individually and according to your own schedule.

From plogging (collecting trash while jogging), to distributing seed bombs for a greener city, to providing small services to neighbors, you can do something good for the people and nature in your neighborhood with small activities in your everyday life.

Your team wishes you a lot of fun with your volunteer in Munich!

The Team at the Tempelhofer Feld.

8 Replies

  1. Kyle Bonello 21.12.21 - 11:04

    hey guys,

    do you need help over the Christmas period?

  2. Liz 09.05.22 - 19:16

    Hi, We will be on an educational trip in Munich May 31–June 4. We have 3 teenagers and we would really like to volunteer to serve in some way. Unfortunately, we do not speak German (we are American). Can you recommend a way we can serve? Thank you!!

    • JanineRehn 10.05.22 - 10:09

      Hi Liz! Thank you for your interest in volunteering via! At the moment our partner organisations are mainly looking for longterm support. Unfortunately, the projects in which you can volunteer short term require at least some knowledge of the German language. Additionally, most organizations are looking for volunteers who are at least 16 years old. For these reasons we cannot recommend any volunteering opportunities for your group in Munich for the time being. Of course you can check again in a few weeks, whether new volunteering opportunities in Munich have come up on ( If you have any more questions, please send an e-mail at

  3. Nicholas ssenjala 13.03.23 - 07:56

    I need volunteer opportunities for english speaking volunteers

    • Sebastian Prassek 13.03.23 - 13:09

      Hi Nicholas, you can find all volunteering opportunities in Munich under this link: Volunteering in Munich. In order to find a project with the right German language level, you can make use of the filters in the top section.

      We wish you a great time volunteering!

  4. Kate Oehler 17.04.23 - 09:48

    Hi, I am looking for any ambulance/healthcare volonteering work alongside my language school timetable. I am hoping to start Ambulance school next year and would like some relevant experience overseas if possible. Any addresses or tips welcome. Many thanks for your help.

    • Sebastian Prassek 25.04.23 - 17:18

      Hi Kate, it’s great that you are looking for volunteering opportunities in the healthcare sector. You can find some projects here at However, you should be aware that all projects require advanced German skills. We keep our fingers crossed you find a volunteer activity that works for you!

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