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Illustration of Bremen Town Musicians with text: volunteer in Bremen

Volunteering in Bremen | Find a suitable commitment for yourself

The Bremen Town Musicians can chase away robbers as a group of four? Then the 569,000 inhabitants of Bremen can do much more than that: they get involved in volunteering to create a livable and communal Bremen. Would you also like to make a contribution to an engaged Bremen? Then use to find a project close to your heart that you would like to support.

Get involved on-site

Three pictures: The first one shows an Acker Coach while volunteering. In the middle, to women are walking on the beach as water rescue service. And the last one shows two people in a tolerance workshop.

There are many options how you can support people and nature in Bremen. There is nothing more important to you than a responsible approach towards the environment and nature? Then become an Acker Coach to inspire children with your knowledge and give them an understanding of the value of nature. If you’re more drawn to the water and the beach, you can also get involved as part of the water rescue service on the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts. Or you can prepare tolerance workshops for children to sensitize them to the value of respecting one another. No matter what interests you most, all social organizations in Bremen are happy to have your support.

Discover remote volunteering opportunities

Two people sitting at a cafe, both working on their laptops.

You can’t find a suitable on-site project for you? Then take a look at our remote and digital projects for your volunteering in Bremen. They range from supporting non-profits with their social media work to getting involved with online language learning groups to supporting a digital crisis chat for children and young people. Take a look around and find a suitable commitment to do from home.

Discover our 5-Minute-Commitments for your daily routine

Different engagement possibilities shown side by side: a woman plogging, birds at a feeder, a book exchange shelf and someone sorting out their closet.

Actually, you don’t have enough time for volunteering at an organisation in Bremen at the moment? Then maybe our 5-Minute-Commitments are the right thing for you. They are independent of non-profit organisations and allow you to get involved individually and according to your own schedule.

From plogging (collecting litter while jogging), to distributing seed bombs for a greener city, to small help services for neighbours, you can already do something good for the people and nature in your neighbourhood with small everyday activities.

Your team wishes you a lot of fun with your volunteering in Bremen!

The team at the Tempelhofer Feld.

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