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Cologne is known for its colorful, lively and diverse population. Tolerance and joy of life are not only emphasized during the Cologne Carnival. This is also reflected in an enormous willingness to help. This is because around 200,000 Cologne residents make an important contribution to togetherness in Cologne through their social volunteering.

Are you looking for opportunities to get involved in social volunteering in Cologne yourself? Then has many colorful, lively and diverse projects and organizations that need your help. Let yourself be inspired and find the right social volunteering in Cologne!

Get involved on-site

Three pictures about social engagement in Cologne:
Left: three people standing in front of vegetable crates and holding vegetables in their hands.
Middle: A woman reading to a child
Right: A group of young women sitting together at a laptop computer

Through your volunteer work, you can not only help others, in addition you can develop yourself and acquire new skills. For example, you can organize intercultural cooking evenings together with refugees and be inspired culinarily and culturally. Or you can pass on your knowledge in an educational sponsorship to support children and young people at school. For a cleaner world, you can contribute at Zero Waste workshops, gardening together, or cleanups. Find these and many more opportunities for volunteering in cologne now.

Discover remote volunteering opportunities

A woman and a man sit next to each other, both working on their laptops.

You can’t find a suitable on-site project for you? Then take a look at our remote and digital projects for your volunteering in Cologne. They range from supporting non-profits with their social media work to getting involved with online language learning groups to supporting a digital crisis chat for children and young people. Take a look around and find a suitable commitment to do from home.

Discover our 5-Minute-Commitments for your daily routine

4 volunteering images: the first one shows a woman combining jogging with collecting garbage. On the others are birds at a feeder, a public bookshelf and a closet with clothes.

Actually, you don’t have enough time for volunteering at an organisation in Stuttgart at the moment? Then maybe our 5-Minute-Commitments are the right thing for you. They are independent of non-profit organisations and allow you to get involved individually and according to your own schedule.

From plogging (collecting litter while jogging), to distributing seed bombs for a greener city, to small help services for neighbours, you can already do something good for the people and nature in your neighbourhood with small everyday activities.

Your team wishes you a lot of fun with your volunteering in Cologne!

2 Replies

  1. Martin Backhauss 09.06.23 - 09:15

    I’m very interested in volunteering opportunities with your organization. I’m a native German speaker from Koln, that has spent the last decade working, and becoming a dual citizen of the USA. I’m fluent in both German & English, and have extensive social media experience. I’m open to many things, but very interested in environmental work, and Bird Sanctuaries. I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks for your amazing work, Martin Backhauss

    • Sebastian Prassek 12.06.23 - 13:12

      Hi Martin,

      thank you so much for your interest in volunteering in Cologne, especially in the environmental sector. I’m sure your support will be much appreciated! You have a great variety of projects and non-profit-organisations you can support in this sector, which you can find on our website (just follow the respecitve buttons). Here you also have the possibility to filter according to the topic you are interested in.

      We wish you a great time volunteering in Cologne.

      Sebastian & your team

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