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Volunteering in Bonn | Support projects in your city

You are interessted in volunteering in Bonn? Bonn is not only home to 330,000 people, but also to over 170 NGOs and numerous social organizations. Therefore is social volunteering in Bonn as diverse as the city itself.

If you are still looking for the right activity yourself, you will find countless opportunities to get involved in social organizations on

Get involved on-site

3 pictures: the one to the left shows two women in an oxfam store. The middle one shows a woman lying on the floor reading to a girl and the last one shows three women from sea-eye standing behind a booth.

You can choose from a variety of projects if you want to volunteer locally in Bonn: For example, get involved in tutoring in a primary school in Bonn or in reading promotion to help children and young people in securing their future. At Sea Eye you can become part of the shore crew and support sea rescues from land. Or you can work at the Oxfam store to fight for a fairer world and against poverty. No matter what topic strikes your heart, you will find many exciting projects on that are looking forward to your support.

Discover remote Volunteering Opportunities

A man and a woman sitting beside each other. Both are working on their laptops.

You can’t find a suitable social volunteer project in Bonn for you? Then take a look at our location-independent and digital projects. They range from supporting non-profits in their social media work to getting involved with online language groups to supporting a digital crisis chat for children and young people. Take a look now and find a remote engagement opportunity that’s right for you.

Discover our 5-Minute-Commitments for your daily routine

4 pictures: The first one from left shows a woman picking up trash while going for a run. The others show birds, a public bookshelf and a wardrobe with clothes.

Despite the numerous project offers, you haven’t found a suitable project that you can manage in terms of time? Then why not start your social volunteering in Bonn on a small scale with our 5-minute volunteers, which you can easily incorporate into your everyday life! They are independent of non-profit organizations and allow you to get involved individually and according to your own schedule.

From plogging (collecting trash whilst jogging), to distributing seed bombs for a greener city, to doing small acts of service for neighbors, you can do something good for the people and nature in your neighborhood with just small activities in your daily life.

Your team wishes you a lot of fun while volunteering in Bonn!

The team at the Tempelhofer Feld.

2 Replies

  1. laura Catalina Martinez Torres 07.04.24 - 16:57

    Ich möchte mich ehrenamtlich engagieren, ich bin derzeit Au-pair, aber mein Au-pair-Jahr endet im Juli, deshalb möchte ich mich ehrenamtlich engagieren.

    • Sebastian Prassek 08.04.24 - 09:23

      Hallo Laura Catalina, schön zu hören, dass du Lust hast dich zu engagieren! Du findest dafür verschiedene Möglichkeiten über den Button “Discover all projects in Bonn” (weiter oben) oder über diesen Link. Wir hoffen, du findest etwas passendes für dich und wünschen dir ganz viel Freude dabei.

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