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BERLIN | Cargo bicycle for transporting a young refugee in a wheelchair

Kiefholzstraße 71, 12057 Berlin

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The communal accommodation in Kiefholzstraße has been opened since October 2018 and offers living space for refugees with special protection needs. Many families, children and people with disabilities live in the shelter. As the facility is not well connected to public transport, we would like to make it possible for all residents to travel by bicycle. However, one resident is 11 years old and dependent on a wheelchair. We are looking for a cargo bike for her and her mother, in which the wheelchair fits, so that the two can move more easily in the neighbourhood.

Non-profit organisation

Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Kiefholzstraße

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Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Kiefholzstraße

The facility is a shelter for refugees with special protection needs.

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