Welcome to the volunteering platform vostel.de! Unfortunately, we currently have problems with our e-mail provider, which is why a registration on vostel.de, as well as the registration for volunteering opportunities is not possible. Please send us an email to volunteering@vostel.de, so that we can connect you manually with our partner organisations. Thank you for your understanding and have a lovely weekend! Your team from vostel.de


For non-profit organisations

Are you looking for
volunteers for your initiative
or non-profit organisation?

Whether it's to support your daily operations or to implement new ideas – vostel offers you a quick and easy way to find helping hands and creative minds.

We help you effectively
manage your volunteers!

  • Personalised advice

    Whether you need help identifying suitable volunteer positions in your organisation, writing an appealing volunteer advertisement or using our volunteer management system vostel.de – we'll be happy to assist you!

  • Getting the word out

    We publish your volunteer request in all our channels and recruit additional volunteers for you through our newsletter, our blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at various events.

  • Online volunteer management

    Communicate with volunteers, post volunteering opportunities and recruit new help through our online volunteer management tool vostel.de.

vostel.de helps you to find volunteers
with only a few steps!

  • Non profit steps 1

    Register your organisation or initiative. We check your profile and activate it within a couple of days.

  • Non profit steps 2

    Now you can publish any number of volunteering opportunities on vostel.de and manage them in your user section.

  • Non profit steps 3

    Interested volunteers can either sign up for a project directly or get in touch with you via our platform.

  • Non profit steps 4

    Et voilà: You've successfully recruited helping hands and creative minds for your projects!

  • Non profit steps 5

    If you have any questions about volunteering please contact us, we're here to help!

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