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Consulting and workshops

For NPOs

Volunteer(-management) 2.0 - Find, manage and bind young volunteers

Based on the knowledge gained about the Generation 2.0 volunteers, the participants will develop concrete strategies to attract, support and keep the new generation of volunteers for a long-term commitment in their organisation. The workshop focuses on

Corporate Volunteering - building meaningful cooperations

The one-day workshop gives social organisations a comprehensive insight into the thematic field and innovative formats of corporate commitment. In addition, it provides a range of methods to be able to build up business cooperations on a long-term basi

How do I organise a meaningful Social Day?

A so-called "Social Day" is an attractive format for many companies to integrate their employees into social projects. In order for such a day not only to result in increased effort for yourself but rather to create added value for the organisatio

Social Media 360°

Every day a new app or platform appears, which is then on everyone's lips and apparently attracts many people. But what's behind all this, where can target groups be addressed particularly well and which target group(s) are actually addressed on Facebo

Social Media without budget

Resources are often limited (especially in organisations) and not only the time of the employees but also financial sources should be used wisely. So how is it possible to build a social media presence with little or no budget? What are the tricks and

Digitalisation of manual processes

"If you digitalise a shitty process, then you have a shitty digital process" (Thorsten Dirks, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland AG)

Digitalisation in the form of mobile train tickets, hotel bookings, communication channels or even smart home

Combi package

Intensive workshop: Corporate Volunteering - building a meaningful cooperation with companies

Workshop: How do I organise a meaningful Social Day? 

Practice: Implementation of a Social Day with vostel-Coach 

Consulting: 6 vo


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For companies

How do I build up a meaningful cooperation with a non-profit organization?

Social commitment is playing an increasing role in your company, but hasn't yet developed into a meaningful cooperation with a non-profit organization? This workshop deals with the structures in the social sector, the right approach to social organisat