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Corporate Volunteering gives your employees the opportunity to participate in social commitments during their worktime.

With a tailored Volunteering & Commitment Programme that suits your organisation's needs and preferences, you can achieve the biggest impact possible – on both, your employees and the social projects in your city.

We offer our customers a range of Corporate Volunteering activities. Our volunteer management tool allows you to communicate and manage all your activities internally.

Corporate Volunteering activities

Volunteering Days and social team events

Employees team up for a good cause. Building a playground for kids, career coaching for refugees or an excursion with seniors – a social team event is fun for everyone!

Individual volunteer assignments

Employees get involved individually in a project of their choice. Whether it's a short-term commitment in an animal shelter, or a long-term sponsorship for a refugee child, the commitment is tailored to each individual's interests and time budget.

Pro bono projects

Employees use their professional skills and contribute, depending on the project's needs, to a non-profit organisation with legal advice or design skills, for instance.

Donations in kind

Through donations in kind, employees can meet the material needs of social organisations without investing a lot of time.

Our service for you

  • Consulting & strategy

    Consulting & strategy

    We advise you on the choice of volunteering opportunities and develop strategies to successfully establish Corporate Volunteering in your company.

  • Organisation & implementation

    Organisation & implementation

    We plan, organise and implement your Corporate Volunteering activities and support your employees during their assignments.

  • Evaluation & communication

    Evaluation & communication

    We measure your corporate engagement and assist you with your internal and external communications.

Volunteering opportunities

In our network of over 300 charitable organisations, help is always needed.

We will plan your commitment based on needs to be sure your help gets where it is needed the most. Whether you get involved in projects with kids, refugees or homeless people – our Corporate Volunteering activities have an impact.
  • Distribution of sandwiches to homeless people

    Distribution of sandwiches to homeless people

  • Construction works on an adventure playground

    Construction works on an adventure playground

  • Carnival party for kids with a refugee background

    Carnival party for kids with a refugee background

FAQ on
Corporate Volunteering with vostel

Do I have to book the whole package or can I purchase individual services?

Of course, we also offer single Corporate Volunteering activities. For example, you can choose to do just one Volunteering Day or donation activity with us. Please contact us for more details.

My company has no experience with Corporate Volunteering. What is the best way to start?

This depends very much on where you currently are. Would you like to find out how the offer would appeal to your employees? Do you still need the approval of a superior or are you about to organise your first volunteering activity? Please do not hesitate to contact us for individual advice.

Will there be costs involved?

In order to really create a positive effect for the charitable organisations, a budget should be foreseen. Material costs incurred (e.g. for wood, paints, toys) cannot be borne by the NPOs. Meals for the hard-working volunteers should also be budgeted for. We at vostel take care of the entire organisation and supervision of the volunteer activities – a time-consuming task which is normally accomplished by the NPOs. For this, we charge a service fee. We will gladly prepare a customised offer for your company.

How many employees can participate?

This naturally depends on the commitment offered and the programme. However, we would like to point out that hardly any NPO needs the help of more than 20 people at a time. There are usually not enough tasks and rooms available for so many people. We at vostel will gladly assist you in the preparation of your commitment offers.

How far in advance should I plan?

This again depends on the commitment offered. It is advisable to allow sufficient time for the organisation and prior arrangements and to be flexible. You should also consider a regular, plannable corporate commitment.

How do I ensure that our help is actually effective?

Effectiveness means, the focus is - beside the companies interests - on the social organisation’s needs. Align your activities with the needs of the recipient organisation and support it in the planning and follow-up of your engagement. Corporate Volunteering is not part of the NPOs' day-to-day business and it would be a pity, if in the end, it means more work than benefit. We would be happy to assist you to ensure the positive impact of your activities.

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