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Knitting and embroidery

Dahmestra├če 33, 12526 Berlin

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In the homeless shelter - Heim im Kiez - in Berlin / Gr├╝nau live residents who love to do needlework; for these residents we are looking for wool and yarn for knitting and embroidery as well as needles.

For the residents it is great and important to be able to do this needlework, for many it is more than just a day job. Through this needlework knowledge about techniques is passed on to other residents and interested people from our social space.

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Stiftung Unionhilfswerk Berlin - Team die freiwilligen im Unionhilfswerk

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Stiftung Unionhilfswerk Berlin - Team die freiwilligen im Unionhilfswerk

Since 1946, the UNIONHILFSWERK has been providing social aid out of Christian responsibility. To this day, we remain committed to those who depend on care and support. Our commitment is shaped by our mission statement "to create an individual quality of life" in order to help people to help themselves. Originating from 70 years of civic involvement, voluntary involvement continues to be a fundamental pillar of our commitment to others. As an alliance of the corporate foundation, association, six non-profit organisations and support foundation, UNIONHILFSWERK offers a wide range of possible applications and a commitment-friendly framework.

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