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Sawabona Africa e.V.

We support education of disadvantaged children in South Africa.  Our projects include: Purchasing a classroom for disadvantaged children in Soweto, sponsoring quality education of children in Cape Town, covering the costs of tutors who teach children in an afterschool programme.

100% of the donations collected go directly to projects in South Africa that help poor children and give them hope for a better future.



About Sawabona Africa e.V.

Target group(s)

Children throughout their entire education


Graduates from highschool seeking work

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Every child deserves a chance to have a bright future. We see hope for a better future for children in South Africa through a good education.  Our objectives are to support as many children as possible to gain a good education. We aim to acheive this through raising funds for our projects and partnering with projects and charities in south africa that provide this.

Your support helps

improve the lives of poor children in South Africa

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Sawabona Africa e.V.

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