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Projekt "Lebendige Nachbarschaft (LeNa)" vom Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e.V.

"Lebendige Nachbarschaft" ("Lively Neighbourhood" Project)

Intercultural opening

Within the project "Lively Neighbourhood" (LeNa), the Nachbarschaftshaus Friedenau (Holsteinische Str. 30, 12161 Berlin) of the Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e.V. offers the opportunity to become involved in voluntary work and brings together new and old Berliners. 

Opportunity to get involved in voluntary work

There are already various groups and activities you can join, such as the Technic-C@fé, Intercultural Meeting for Men, multilingual Reading-Café, Garden Group "Kraut&Koriander", language café, becoming a mentor for new Berliners.

In addition to these offers, we organize excursions and activities where you can simply meet new people from the neighbourhood.

About Projekt "Lebendige Nachbarschaft (LeNa)" vom Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e.V.

Target group(s)

  • Refugees
  • Migrants
  • Senior citizens
  • Families
  • Children and young people
  • Adults

Founding year


Paid staff





The "LeNa" project is funded by the Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs within the framework of the Berlin district centre contract IFP-STZ.

More about the sponsor Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e.V. --> https://www.nbhs.de/ueber-uns/selbstverpflichtung-transparenz


Citizens' initiative and platform for social services

In accordance with its statutes, the purpose of the association is to promote the health and social well-being of the population. This is achieved in particular through:

  • the operation of a neighbourhood home and other social facilities
  • district-related social-cultural work with offers for all age groups
  • Activities to bring different population groups together with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and social responsibility for each other
  • offering all groups of people the opportunity to realize social and cultural interests through freelance work
  • nursing and health-promoting services
  • Employment of staff to manage association support and care for persons in need
  • as well as the scheduled support and recruitment of volunteer caregivers.

The Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e. V. pursues exclusively charitable purposes.

The Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e. V. works non-partisan and interdenominational.

The Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e. V. sees itself in the tradition of the worldwide movement of "settlements" and "neighbourhood centres" and the linking of social and cultural work with the aim of empowering self-help and self-organisation.

Your support helps

and promotes social cohesion.

Projekt "Lebendige Nachbarschaft (LeNa)" vom Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e.V.