Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Landesverband Hessen e.V.

We're helping here and now.

The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) is a charity and aid organisation that is politically and confessionally independent. We help all people - regardless of their political, ethnic, national and religious affiliation. More than one million people nationwide support the charitable organisation through their membership.

About Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Landesverband Hessen e.V.

Target group(s)

Anyone who needs help.

Founding year

1888 (1950)

Paid staff





We finance ourselves through service fees, membership fees and donations.


Our vision is a society in which every person can shape his or her life to the greatest possible extent by himself or herself.

Your support helps

To save human lives, to ensure survival, to improve living conditions for people and to develop and shape personal development opportunities.

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Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Landesverband Hessen e.V.

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