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AHA-Berlin e.V.

The AHA is a non-commercial, completely voluntary association, which offers space for groups and events and a meeting point for queer people. With over 45 years of experience, the AHA is one of the oldest continuously active LGBTIQ+ associations in Berlin.

About AHA-Berlin e.V.

Target group(s)

We are a queer association and stand for openness and diversity. So we are a shelter for all people in the LGBTIQ+ spectrum, but our offers are generally open to everyone. Exceptions (e.g. FLTI only) are specially marked ;)

Founding year


Paid staff



We finance ourselves exclusively through donations, membership fees and the income from our events (beverage sales and, if applicable, admission).


We are an all-volunteer association that brings the diversity of the queer community to the world and provides a platform for art, culture, activities and actions. Our goal is to offer queer people a safe space to try out, be creative and be free.

Your support helps

offering a home to queer diversity, keeping art and culture alive.

Our volunteering opportunities on vostel.de

AHA-Berlin e.V.

Monumentenstraße 13
10829 Berlin