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Corona Hilfswerk

Nationwide: Supporting people affected by COVID-19 (e.g. quarantine) with errands

Remote Volunteering
Requirement: Medium German skills

About the Non-Profit Organisation

Corona Hilfswerk

The Corona Hilfswerk is an umbrella organisation for volunteer groups and neighbourhood help for the entire German-speaking region.

The central contact point enables coordinated, targeted and fast support - because: organised help works faster and better than an uncoordinated multitude of individual offers of help.

More about the organisation

About the volunteering opportunity

Nationwide: Supporting people affected by COVID-19 (e.g. quarantine) with errands

We are looking for volunteers all over Germany who can flexibly support one of our 160 local groups in their own neighbourhood.

As a result of the Corona pandemic, there are constantly a large number of people who, due to quarantine and COVID-19 infections, or because they belong to the risk group, cannot leave the house at all or only to a limited extent. These people's lives can be made a lot easier by helping them with their shopping, running errands, etc.

We have made it our goal to centrally coordinate and match volunteers and those seeking help throughout Germany. Become part of our pool of almost 70.000 helpers! 

This way you can help

Your Tasks

As a volunteer, you can help with ...

  • Errands (groceries, everyday needs, etc.)
  • Running errands 
  • Walking the dog 

The duration of the support and the frequency will be arranged directly with the person seeking help.
Expenses are reimbursed by this person as well. The support can be provided without contact.

You will fit into our team if

... you have the interest and a little time to help other people in your area who are restricted by Corona.

German Skills

Please note: For this volunteering opportunity, you need German skills on the level „Medium German skills“.

Other Things You Should Know

Important notice

Interested? Register directly on our website as a helper! or contact us here directly via vostel.


Your support is needed on a long-term basis.


Am I covered by accident and/or casualty insurance during the project?



For this project, we ask you to arrange an individual meeting.