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Support us in the field of IT

Remote Volunteering
Requirement: Medium German skills

About the Non-Profit Organisation


For a socially fair and ecologically sustainable agricultural and nutritional turnaround, the production and consumption of food must become more regional again.

The Ernährungsrat-Unna wants to:

  • Point out problems and solutions as well as networking possibilities.
  • Provide visions and impulses.
  • Bring relevant actors together.
More about the organisation

About the volunteering opportunity

Support us in the field of IT

It's great that you want to support us. Our interest group was founded in autumn 2020 and needs a little help in the area of digital organisation. So far, our communication is done via Trello and emails. Surely you know of more effective communication channels that can and should be linked together. We are also not completely satisfied with our meetings via Zoom and are still looking for a recommendation for a secure, free alternative.

This way you can help

Your Tasks

There is always something and we would be grateful for someone who can provide us with IT support in the background and whom we could contact if we have any questions. If you can only offer short-term help, don't hesitate to contact us anyway!

Whats needed

Advanced IT knowledge

You will fit into our team if

you are patient and also have understanding for people who are not as familiar with IT as you are ;-)

German Skills

Please note: For this volunteering opportunity, you need German skills on the level „Medium German skills“.

Other Things You Should Know


Am I covered by accident and/or casualty insurance during the project?


When you can help

Possible times:

  • By day
  • At night


For this project, we ask you to arrange an individual meeting.