We receive many questions about how you can help people in Turkey & Syria. On our blog we collect current support opportunities.

SPEAK for Ukraine | Lead a language group and support refugees with SPEAK


Remote Volunteering
No German skills required
Discussed individually
Migrants & Refugees
Education & Language Support
Equal Opportunities

About the volunteering opportunity

At SPEAK we launched #SPEAKforUkraine! A platform created by SPEAK to help all refugees from Ukraine, in collaboration with @RepresentacaoComissaoEuropeia and supported by @FundacaoAgeas.

📢 Because of the war, over 2.5 million people have been forced out of their homes and out of Ukraine. We want to ensure those fleeing this war can find language and emotional support by connecting refugees, organizations, individuals and volunteers.

If you want to support refugees you can become a buddy at SPEAK. Lead a language group online and share your language and culture. 

Your Tasks

You want to make a difference and help others feel like they belong?

Become a SPEAK Buddy and share your language and culture with newcomers or locals in your city. Anyone can become a buddy - no experience necessary! The only thing you need is the passion and motivation to connect with new people from other countries and cultures. It really is as easy as it sounds.

What is a language group?

Language groups take place online or offline in 12 sessions of 90 minutes each. As a Buddy, you have the flexibility to choose your pre-set weekly dates, time (we know there are morning people and night owls), and decide if you want to hold online or face-to-face sessions.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up as a buddy
  2. Complete the online self-training
  3. Assign yourself to a language group or contact us to lead an offline group

Do you want to learn more? Learn more here.

What's needed

For this volunteering opportunity you don't need any German skills.

Anyone can be a buddy - no experience required! If you can speak one language then you can also share it in our language groups. Language groups have different levels (Basic & Conversational), depending on your level you can decide which level to lead. 

The Buddy experience will require your commitment for 4/6 weeks depending on the frequency of your language group. The SPEAK experience is free and open to anyone. It is really important for us to have committed buddies who are willing to create an impact and make a difference locally or globally.

Time required

Discussed individually

The language groups take place online or offline in 12 sessions of 90 minutes each. As a buddy, you have the flexibility to choose your predefined weekly dates, time

Important notice

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Register here: https://go.speak.social/ukraine-en/


This project is location independent.


SPEAK is a social startup that connects migrants, refugees and locals living in the same city. This happens through informal and dynamic language groups  and events that are open to everyone in the community! Anyone can register to be a buddy to help others learn a language and share their culture while meeting incredible people.

SPEAK uses the need or motivation to learn a language as a mean to connect newcomers and locals with different backgrounds. Individuals stand as equals and while learning or helping others learn they build meaningful relationships.

Along the program participants and buddies meet offline and get to know each other, they became more aware of the “other” and their culture, share their story and in this way they break prejudice, barriers, estigmas and make new friendships.

More about the organisation
Remote Volunteering
No German skills required
Discussed individually
Remote Volunteering
No German skills required
Discussed individually