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Illustration of a burning earth with a text about the climate strike on September 23.

Climate strike on 23.09.22 | Join the strike for a future worth living!

The global climate strike on Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, is not simply a demonstration to meet the 1.5-degree target. Because it is about much more than the smallest possible temperature increase.

Instead it is about the questions: How do we want to live? How do we treat the earth’s resources, other people and the nature around us? And how do we manage to break away from the idea of infinite economic growth for the profit of a few. And instead create a fairer, sustainable and livable future for all? 

      1. A healthier world is still possible
      2. Still far from being on the right course
      3. It is clear what to do
      4. Make a mark on the global climate strike

A healthier world is still possible

    Zwei Personen halten Schilder hoch mit der Aufschrift: "There is no Planet B" und "Climate is Changing, why aren't we?"
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We can still achieve such a world, as the Club of Rome’s latest report “Earth for all” makes clear. The group of scientists and experts had already described the limits of growth 50 years ago. And thus initiated a profound discourse in society, economy and politics for a more conscious use of our global resources. Unfortunately, far too little has happened since this urgent appeal. And we are beginning to feel the consequences more and more clearly (now also in the Western world).

In its latest report, the Club of Rome now asks how we can still avert an impending global collapse in the next few years:

In their report, the authors compare two contrasting future scenarios based on the computer simulation “Earth4All. The first scenario, “Too little too late,” shows what would happen if we do not change anything. But continue to do business as usual – guess what, the consequences for all of us would be fatal. The second scenario, “Giant Leap,” on the other hand, assumes a courageous transformation toward a resilient society along the above-mentioned factors and shows what kind of livable future is possible as an alternative.

Still far from being on the right course

Current developments show that, despite the increasingly obvious consequences (including dried-up fields and rivers, forest fires, heavy rainfall, or fish and insect mortality), we are rather moving more towards the “too little too late” scenario. After all, global CO2 emissions are currently higher than ever and there have never been so many cars on Germany’s roads as there are today, to name just two examples. This overview provides an impressive picture of our enormous consumption of resources and energy and the resulting effects.

Live ticker of our resource consumption per minute (here after 9 minutes) | Source:

It is clear what to do

The knowledge of how a better and more sustainable world can function exists. There are also scientifically sound concepts for a socially acceptable restructuring of our economy and way of life – for example, in the current study by the Wuppertal Institute on compliance with the 1.5 degree target or in concrete legislative proposals developed with experts by GermanZero

So we are not empty-handed, but have the knowledge and the financial means to shape a more sustainable and fairer world. For example, a special fund of 100 billion euros proposed by Luisa Neubauer could be made available for climate protection, which, in addition to the rapid expansion of renewable energies, would also include social relief. It could be financed, among other things, by reducing subsidies for fossil fuels, which currently amount to 65 billion euros per year in Germany alone.

Ultimately, these and many other important climate protection measures depend on the determination of political decision-makers. However, these are being deliberately blocked by economic profit interests – primarily by the automotive and fossil fuel industries. 

Make a mark on the global climate strike


At the climate strike next Friday (23.09.22), we must therefore strengthen the backs of those in politics and business who are committed to sustainable development. And at the same time be a counterweight to lobbyists of the fossil and automotive industry, who continue to stand in the way of sustainable development.

Find a climate strike near you now and make a strong case for a livable future for us all.

We will be on the climate strike with the team and look forward to seeing you there!

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