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Klimazone Bremen-Findorff e. V.

We want the abstract CO2 minimization goal to be actively implemented in the district through concrete actions. In doing so, our activities relate primarily to the 4 main topics of mobility&transport, energy&housing, neighborhood design and consumption&nutrition.

About Klimazone Bremen-Findorff e. V.

Target group(s)

Anyone interested in sustainability and climate change mitigation/adaptation

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Climate Zone Bremen-Findorff e. V. is financed by donations and membership fees, as well as project-related funding


The Climate Zone Bremen-Findorff wants to reach, network and support local people so that the abstract CO2 minimization goal can be actively implemented through concrete actions at the district level. Here, fellow citizens can find support in a strong network that is intended to help make our district more vibrant, livable and sustainable.

Your support helps

that climate protection is attractive to all and can be implemented in everyday life.

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Klimazone Bremen-Findorff e. V.

Münchener Straße 146
28215 Bremen