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Zero Waste e.V.

Our goal is the promotion of environmental protection and environmental education!

Specifically, we want to inspire and empower people for a more sustainable life in the sense of zero waste and related issues. We want to make the waste problem known, motivate sustainable changes in all areas and support an active participation for a waste-free world. The association is committed to the UN sustainability goals, international ethos, diversity, intercultural understanding, peace and equality.

Our association purpose is to be achieved in particular by

  • Exchange of knowledge and experience on the subject of zero waste
  • Support and provision of information for a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Public relations and educational work, including events, workshops, training courses, exhibitions, etc.
  • Participation/presence at regional, national and international events
  • Stimulation and support of scientific studies
  • Development of proposals and initiatives to solve waste problems
  • Cooperation with and consulting of institutions, companies and politics around the topic Zero Waste
  • Establishing and expanding contacts and working relationships with regional, national and international actors, initiatives, companies, etc. in the fields of environmental protection and environmental education

No one needs to be a packaging expert or environmental technician, or must have produced last year less waste than fits in a jam jar. We see ourselves as a community learning from each other. Every step counts and an awareness of the importance of the topic in our society is already a great one.

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Zero Waste e.V.

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