Floods in southern Germany: How you can help by donating and getting involved

Clean River Project e.V.

The Clean River Project is an award-winning environmental, art and educational project that works nationwide to promote clean rivers and seas and has set itself the goal of reducing plastic waste pollution in German waters. Our motto is: Clean up, shake up, educate!


About Clean River Project e.V.

Target group(s)

We want to give everyone the chance to get involved and make a contribution to environmental protection.

That way you can get involved:

As a private person: Every volunteer, no matter what age, can make a difference!

→ Join our CleanUp events all over Germany and paddle a little bit with us.

→ Come to our art exhibitions! There you will also find information about sustainability and plastics.

→ Support us specifically with your professional or vocational skills (see Pro Bono Engagement)!

→ Donating always helps. By donating to one of our projects or becoming a supporting member, you make it possible to secure our work in the long term.

As a company:

We give companies the opportunity to get involved and set an example for environmental protection - for example in the form of CleanUp teambuilding events, lectures or photo art exhibitions. Of course you can also support us with a donation.

As an educational institution:

With the educational project "Clean River Kids" we specifically target children and young people to educate them about the problems of plastic pollution. Together we collect rubbish and then deal creatively with the topic.

You would like to help us with your professional skills in the form of a pro bono engagement? We are looking forward to your professional support! In the Volunteering Offers you can find out in which areas we are currently looking for support or if you would like to send us an unsolicited application, please write us a message.

Founding year


Paid staff





We finance ourselves mainly through donations from private individuals and companies as well as through subsidies.

Why we need your donations:

Hire of kayaks, utensils for collecting rubbish, teaching materials - a wide range of costs are incurred. In order to be able to plan, organize and carry out our projects, we need financial means. Furthermore, our employees work tirelessly for our mission. And because they don't live on air and love alone, we have personnel costs (next to travel expenses, rent for our office, electricity, gas, etc.).

With your donations you help us to reduce the plastic pollution in our waters. We thank you for that!


Our vision is to reconnect people with nature and to free nature from plastic.

We paddle and create photo art - for clean rivers and seas! our motto is: clean up, shake up, educate.

At our CleanUp events we clean up with volunteers. In canoes and on foot we clean rivers of plastic waste together. Afterwards we creatively work with the collected garbage. In our photo art exhibitions we shake up and raise awareness of the problem. In addition, we give lectures and organize school projects. Our goal is to initiate behavioural changes in each individual, to promote a conscious use of plastic as a recyclable material and to change things together!

Why are our CleanUps necessary?

Plastic products accompany us everywhere in our everyday life, they are stable, light, hygienic and practical. However, we use half of all plastic products for less than a month. When these products have reached the end of their useful life, only a small part (15%) is recycled, the rest ends up in the incinerator, or where it has absolutely no use: In our waters! A total of 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the sea every year - and this number is rising. The majority of this (80%) ends up in the sea via rivers. The Danube alone washes up to 1500 tons of plastic waste per year into the Black Sea, which has a devastating effect on the environment, marine animals and people. According to NABU, up to 135,000 marine mammals such as whales, dolphins and seals and one million marine animals die every year as a result of the plastic flood.

But we have the chance to change something! Each of us can contribute something, because plastic does not belong in nature!

Your support helps

... to actively reduce the plastic waste pollution in our waters and to realize a long-term change in the use of plastics!