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MUT Academy

We encourage young people in Hamburg to make a successful transition from school to vocational training. We organise MUT camps outside Hamburg, workshops and individual coaching lasting several days. We convey a dynamic self-image and self-efficacy so that the young people take their lives into their own hands and find a job.

About MUT Academy

Target group(s)

The young people in the MUT Academy attend the 9th or 10th grade in Hamburg schools. They come from different parts of the city. With the support of the MUT Academy, the young people prepare for their first graduation, learn which professions suit them, what their strengths and challenges are and train intensively for upcoming job interviews.

Your support helps

the young pupils in writing their applications in Hamburg. During our open application MUTwochs, the young people come to the MUT Academy office every week. With your help on the computer, they work on their applications, research possible apprenticeships and send their application folders.

During the MUT camps, you can become active in a variety of ways. The camps focus on intensive workshops, which are conducted by experienced workshop leaders. But also as a teamteacher you can accompany the young people in their learning process, offer sports programmes and organise nice leisure activities in the evenings. On the last day of a camp, all participants have the MUT test. As a jury you will take the short presentations of the young people and give constructive, appreciative feedback.

We hope that everyone at the MUT Academy feels comfortable, has fun, is courageous and enjoys learning with and from each other!

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MUT Academy

Valentinskamp, 45a
20355 Hamburg