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Sozialverband VdK Berlin-Brandenburg

For around 70 years, we have been committed to social justice in Germany and effectively represent the concerns of older people and people with disabilities vis-à-vis authorities, social courts and politicians. In Berlin and Brandenburg, we also operate various support and advice centres, for example in the areas of participation, care and mobility.

About Sozialverband VdK Berlin-Brandenburg

Target group(s)

People who want to work for social justice for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Founding year


Paid staff





We finance ourselves largely from membership fees. In addition, we receive subsidies from the Berlin Senate for some projects.


The Social Association VdK Berlin-Brandenburg is the contact point in the region for all those who want to work for a fairer society.

  • As a politically independent actor, we put issues such as poverty, pensions, care and disability on the political agenda.
  • Members of the VdK receive concrete help in legal matters through the social law advice and representation.
  • We offer fast and direct help through practical offers, assistance and projects on the topics of care, housing adaptation, mobility assistance and participation for older people and people with disabilities.

Your support helps

the participation and equal rights of disabled and elderly people in society.

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Sozialverband VdK Berlin-Brandenburg

Linienstraße 131
10115 Berlin