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We are the two private persons Lukas Jülich from Teltow and Sebastian Haße from the Süd-neuköllner Hufeisensiedlung. Our actions we carry out locally to raise awareness on the long-term personnel shortage in the Neuköllner green space office/the global climatic change. The wish for the watering action is brought to the (Neukölln) politicians in order to develop solution-oriented, more efficient watering measures. One example is to create low-cost measures for the (long-term) unemployed in order to give them the feeling of being a part of society and, above all, of being needed in a meaningful way. The trees irrigation is also general education. Further actions follow now usually each first Saturday in the month from 11:30 o'clock to approx. 16:30 o'clock in the Kiez.

In order to make the topics heard effectively in the hectic everyday life, we founded our own public Facebook group for this purpose, titled: "Einzige öffentliche Facebook-Gruppe BerlinerBäumeWässerer".


About BerlinerBäumeWässerer

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All those who are in favour of nature conservation and Berlin as a Green City.

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Berlin's green soul, preserve the young trees.

But with the waterings we go one step further and want to achieve with our actions that the Neuköllner-BVV is moved to more efficient measures for the watering of the neighborhood trees. The governing mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller (SPD), the Neuköllner-BVV, the neighbours in the neighbourhood, the passers-by and the society will all be sensitized for climate change/climate protection.

Various media (e.g. the Berliner Kurier, the Berliner Zeitung and the Berliner Abendblatt) have also reported on our initial activities in the past.

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The Berlin district councils or Berlin green space offices.

Our volunteering opportunities on vostel.de


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