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Mental Health Initiative

We strengthen the mental health of young and old people!

About Mental Health Initiative

Target group(s)

Teenagers and young adults (U 25)

Older people (over 65)

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We are a newly founded (since 7 September 2020) social start-up from Munich. We are active in the field of Mental Health (mental / psychological health ). We are a non-profit limited liability company and are mainly financed by donations from private individuals and companies as well as public funding and tenders. We will join asap the initiative Transparent Civil Society.


The aim of our work is to strengthen mental health, prevent mental illness and suicide, and help people with mental disorders to lead their lives free of stressful symptoms and their social consequences. Mental Health Initiative is actively committed to the social participation of people with mental health problems and to prevent their stigmatisation and exclusion. The focus here is on a holistic view of the person with all individual, psychological, physical and social aspects.

Your support helps to make the importance of mental health more visible (e.g. via social media) to young and older people. And not only that! Of course you contribute to strengthening the mental health of your generation - whether young or old.

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Mental Health Initiative

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