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For a socially fair and ecologically sustainable agricultural and nutritional turnaround, the production and consumption of food must become more regional again.

The Ernährungsrat-Unna wants to:

  • Point out problems and solutions as well as networking possibilities.
  • Provide visions and impulses.
  • Bring relevant actors together.

About Ernährungsrat-Unna

Target group(s)

In the Ernährungsrat, the various actors from agriculture, gastronomy, consumers and waste disposal companies cooperate.

Founding year







Food security, climate change, species extinction, malnutrition and overconsumption are inextricably linked and show that our food requires a new solid base. In our view, this no longer lies in global trade, but in the region, in the fields and meadows on our doorsteps, in sustainably managed farms, in vibrant food crafts, in regional markets, in local value creation and appreciation.

Your support helps

  • Education & Events
  • Producer-consumer relationship
  • Edible City
  • Plastic-free
  • Production of green islands
  • Networking
  • Alternative city + regional planning
  • Trade and distribution
  • Animal Welfare
  • Solidarity-based agriculture

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