The himmelbeet is a social and ecological garden. Actually, two gardens! To the question, what himmelbeet is, there are certainly more answers than worms in our compost. If we should say what drives us to maintain it, it is the formulation of a claim: The good life for all. An attempt. No more, but also no less.

About himmelbeet

Target group(s)

Our gardens are for everyone. People from the neighborhood. People with and without disabilities. People who speak no or little German. Experienced gardeners and people who have no idea. People of all ages and backgrounds. People from all cultures.

Founding year


Paid staff





The himmelbeet is financed by the himmelbeet gemeinnützige GmbH and the non profit zusammen wachsen e.V.. Concretly, this means that we realize projects in and around the garden that fit our vision. For this we apply for funding programs. To cover the other costs (electricity, water, accounting, tax office, etc.), we accept for example gardening orders from social institutions or sell drinks & food in our garden café (except this year as it is closed following the moving of the garden), also here applies as for the projects: It must fit our vision.


More justice

Whether it's education or good food, many people don't have access to it. For many it's harder than others, for some it's impossible without help. We want to create opportunities, beyond monetary connections.

More Togetherness

Because no one can do everything and good ideas need space, we share space with others. That's why we see ourselves as a platform in the neighborhood and beyond, part of a network from the global to the local level that shares our goals.

More Perspective

Social and environmental crises are the issues of our time. It's not just changing climate that has disastrous consequences. Compartmentalization and populism cannot be answers to global challenges. We work intensively on the topics of social transformation, the future of the city and are firmly convinced that 'valuable' means more than 'money!"

We resolutely reject (and talk about) racism or other forms of discrimination. Anyone who crosses these and other boundaries and thus harms individuals and the community gets kicked out.

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Gartenstraße Ecke Grenzstraße
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