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Über den Tellerrand kochen München e.V.

Über den Tellerrand kochen München e.V. ("cooking outside the box") promotes the personal exchange between refugees and locals. In cooking events both get to know each other on eye level which actively shapes a sustainable and successful integration process. How exactly does this work? We organize events in which 20-30 participants with and without refugee experience cook and eat together. Usually we cook traditional dishes from the home countries of the refugee participants, who can share something about their culture. The events are organized by volunteers of our community and financed by donations and funding from the city of Munich. By involving both refugees and locals in the organization of the events, we motivate both sides to jointly shape the integration process. This promotes intercultural competences and enables social and cultural participation for refugees.

About Über den Tellerrand kochen München e.V.

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ALLE Menschen

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Wir finanzieren uns über Spenden und öffentliche Fördergelder (u.a. Sozialreferat der Stadt München)


Unser Ziel ist die Förderung von Freundschaften zwischen Menschen mit und ohne Fluchterfahrung und die Entstehung einer offenen und toleranten Gesellschaft.

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Begegnungen zu schaffen, sodass Menschen Vorurteile ab- und Freundschaften aufbauen können.  #wirglaubenanskennenlernen

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Über den Tellerrand kochen München e.V.

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